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Offering New Contract Bug after Cancelling a Release Clause Met Transfer

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Let me explain in detail,


I signed Eric Garcia from Man City to Galatasaray when he decided to leave on a free transfer. I signed him with a minimum fee release clause for 20M euros. Some team tried to match the clause but i was too obsessed  with him to let go. So when they were in the work permit stage for England, i cancelled the transfer by adding a new manager to the realated team. From this moment on i cant even offer a contract to Eric and no team is actually interested in him for transfer purposes. When i try to offer him a new contract, it says he has already accepted a new one. As i stated earlier there is no transfer related issues happening right now. I tried to add new manager and make a bid for him, but it still said he has already accepted an offer.


Is there any way to solve this? I know i cheated in game and i feel weird now but i really want to offer new contract to get rid of the transfer clause. It seems like he is going to go to the end of his contract with my team without receving any transfer offer and new contract offers from me. Its cool and all im fine with it but this seemed like a big bug to me.


Thanks in advance...

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