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Manager with no reputation getting job interviews/offers too easily

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There used to be two bug reports about getting jobs too easily. You start with no badges and Sunday League Experience (half a star reputation) and in the first days/weeks you already get job interviews (and actual job offers) from clubs with 2.5 to 3 star reputation. Very unrealistic..  What happened to those bug reports ? I can't find them anymore.. One of them, at least, was tagged as 'under review'.  I wanted to keep track of it as this is really stopping me from starting a save... (among the other way too many bugs in a so called finished product...). 

In the game the bug is still present in the latest hotfix release.  

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Hey @Bogdy26 sorry for the delay

This is an area we are looking into yes, a couple of issues happening that might cover this - but if you want to upload a save for me I'll take it to the developers in case it's something we haven't seen

Steps to upload here:

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I don't have a save game at hand. Since there were already reports about this problem, which were already tagged as 'under review', I thought you already have enough information about it. It's just that I can't find those topics anymore so I was wondering what the outcome of that is. Was it under review and you decided it's not a bug so you closed the reports ?! Or it's still under investigation ?! (just my thoughts, not questions) 

Anyway, i'm working now, i'd be happy to create a save game later today, reproduce the problem, and upload it to your cloud if you think it's helpful. I was watching this dude on youtube, he started with basically no reputation (see profile in video 1 at min 1:35) with half a star reputation and managed to get a job from Aalborg, a club with 3 star reputation (see club at min 3:34 in second video).

Video 1: 

Video 2: 





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I think this got fixed in 21.2.0. I created a test save with 15 nations loaded. (all the leagues, around 45 in total) and started the job hunt. 

My profile is: no badges, sunday league player experience.

Initially I applied to clubs I used to get offers from on 21.1.3, clubs that I thought should have laugh me off. They all turned me down this time.


I then went on holiday with apply to any clubs option on. I got two interviews, one from Hebar (second bulgarian division, 2 stars rep, media prediction 4th) and one from Neftochimic (second bulgarian division, 2 stars rep, media prediction: 16th). 

Hebar turned me down while Neftochimic offered me a job. 

I think this is as realistic as it can be, I mean you have to start somewhere. What do others think ? 

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