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Agent says his player is interested at a reasonable wage, but he refuses to enter in contract talks

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I identified a free agent player named Manuel Di Paola that I would like to sign for my club. I asked his agent about availability and he had very reasonable contract demands of $1k per week, but when I try to offer the player a contract, he says he feels my club "lacks the financial muscle to meet his contract demands" and his estimated wage demands are $5.5k-7k per week. See screenshots below for details.




Also worth noting that the player is currently on trial at my club.

I have submitted my save file named Kwas.fm

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Hey and thanks for the feedback - this is a known issue that's already investigated by the dev team :thup:


In the meantime, it appears to be linked to having the player on trial, so you should be ok to offer him terms when he completes the trial (or you terminate it early).


Kind regards,


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