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Every player "loses" some of their Apps and Goals statistics after moving to a new club.

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Let me start with showing what the bug is, and after that I will share the steps you need to take to reproduce the bug.

First, a quick explanation (intended for other costumers, not for SI staff for obvious reasons :D): FM only shows players league Apps and Goals on their History -> Career Stats page, it does not show cups/continental info. This is not a bug, this is by design.


Now, if you click on each year on their career stats, you can see the info for cup/continental games as well:


The game allows you to customize some of it's views to include a field/column for All Time Apps and All Time Goals as seen below.


Description of Issue:

Here is where the bug comes into play. When a player moves to a new team, the game "loses" track of the player's cup/continental apps/goals for previous teams on the customized view columns. This bug does not affect the player's Career Stats page, everything is working fine there.

I think there is a bug on the code for the view columns, and it is only pulling a player's cup/continental stats for their current team, but it is ignoring the statistics for previous teams

You can see the discrepancy on the screenshots below.

Take a look at Milinkovic-Savic statistics on 20 June 2021. If you check the screenshot above where I show his statistics for the current season (2020/21) you will see he played 2 cup games and 10 continental games (scoring 2 goals). If we add his current league all time of 235 apps and 44 goals we get 235+2+10 = 247 apps, and 44+0+2 = 46 goals. Perfect, it is exactly what the game is showing:


Now, if you advance the game by 1 day, going to 21 June 2021, Milinkovic-Savic transfers from Lazio to Liverpool. Check what happens to his All Time Apps and All Time Goals:


The game "forgets" the cup/continental games he played and goals he scored for his previous team (Lazio). But if you look at his career stats panel the info is still there, it's just not pulling it properly. 


Steps to Reproduce:

To reproduce the bug all you need to do is leave a save running for a little bit and wait for some transfers to happen. Then check for players who changed teams and look at their career stats panel for someone who has played at least 1 cup/continental game for their previous team. Now manually add the player's statistics from their playing history (league+cup+continental) and compare it to that player All Time Apps/Goals column, you will see they won't match. You can add this column on a bunch of different places, e.g: club squad view, shortlist view, player search view, etc... even on the player profile itself if you edit a .xml file. It's pretty cool actually, I love it.

On how to fix the bug: Well, I imagine it might be some piece of coding missing from those columns, which isn't allowing it to pull a player's all time career stats, but instead only pulling cup/continental info from current club.

Even though this bug is happening in every save, I uploaded one to make it easier for the team to track it. All you have to do is take a look at Milinkovic-Savic career stats, then go 1 day forward in time and check his stats again once he leaves Lazio and join Liverpool. The save name is: All_Time_Career_Apps_Goals_Bug.fm



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