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Hi all 

So with FM i like to have a couple of teams, however i have noticed that when you got to play a match at time that it will get stuck on processing as one of your other managed teams will have a post match interview that won't come up, you then change managers to find which one it is, however even if you complete this it was still get stuck on processing. the only way round it i have found is to save game and the reload and it the will go to the math and play as normal, because it is not happening every game it is hard to pinpoint to replicate, i have loaded a game file MINE2 do it may need some play through to reproduce but you'll notice it when you got to play a game and you de the setup and usually it will say go to match but will instead just say processing, once this occurs you will go to change manager and one of them will have a post match interview and even completing that it will get stuck it is like this interview should of happened first then moved to the next team but didn't. 

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