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Cannot take control of new player signings

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New player signings are automatically negotiated by DOF, or Chief Scout if no DOF is available.

Contract responsibilities/transfer responsibilities for senior and youth new player signings are all with manager, changing these has no effect.

This occurs for any player that a transfer fee is paid. Free transfers and loan deals are not affected.

Managing Forest Green Rovers in the championship, third season. This bug has been present from the beginning of the save.

Changing contract offer once it has been made is the only way to manually negotiate.

To reproduce simply get any transfer offer for a player accepted (not free agents).

Save file is too large to upload, can provide link  to google drive on response if necessary.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for the response. After playing around with the in-game settings on a different save I've managed to find what's happened - for some reason the contract negotiation setting was still set to delegated - I was certain I'd set it to manager control but there we go!

I think attribute this one to user error for the time being....

If I find it resets again without me touching it I'll reopen the thread and upload the save.


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