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Player instructions not highlighted

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In the tactics screen for your squad (during a game and in general view) you can open the dialogue box that shows Player Instructions. When this box first opens all the PIs are shown as not active (even though some are active). When a PI is then clicked, the box "comes to life" and shows all the PIs that are currently active in green / red etc. 

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Hi @Harrison Modeste

Here are some screenshots.

Screenshot 1 (below) is the tactics screen, showing Bruno Fernandes and all of his PIs (both standard for his role and additional PIs).


Screenshot 2 is after I press the "edit" button on Bruno's PIs. It shows his PIs in more detail but none of them are in "green" showing they are active. Instead they are all "grey". So "shoot less often" and "roam from position" should have a green highlight on them but they are grey as though they are not active.


Screenshot 3 is after I press the "stay wider" PI on Bruno's PIs. It then shows all his active PIs in "green" (as they should have been in screenshot 2). 


Screenshot 2 should, in my view, show all the active PIs in green rather than needing me to click on one of them to get them to show.


Does this make sense? Many thanks for looking into this.



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