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I know quite a few people want it, but there are also quite a few people who don't want it (including me).

I'm happy with the current 2D display, and would much rather keep that than get 3D. I'd much rather they put effort into improving the current match engine further, crushing bugs and creating other new features than spending it on implementing 3D (which would take their focus away from the more important stuff). Also, I like to play fast and get through seasons quickly, which I thnk makes more sense with 2D (ie watching highlights at fast speed in 3D might be a bit strange).

Anyway, I hope they keep FMM streamlined and leave things like 3D to FMT (sorry!). 

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I agree with @StephenCronin. I like the fact that it is only 2d.

I don't understand the comment about staying in competition with FM Touch. FM Touch is a different version of the game by the same company - what are they competing with?

Thats like saying Vauxhall should make their Adam bigger to compete with their Insignia. They are deliberately offering different versions of their product to suit different customers.

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Stephen worded it nicely, 3d is irrelevant in a simulation game of this nature

Maybe in ideal world where every bug gets fixed and FMM adds everything it can then we could get it, other then that it would just be wasted resources

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9 hours ago, Owen Catterall said:

Fair enough, not going to lie this backfired more than I expected it to.

To be fair, I've see quite a few people ask for it too, so you're not alone, even if this post might make it look that way! It's just one of those things where whichever way they go, there will be people who disagree with the approach.

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