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No penalties given in 7 game weeks


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I play in the La liga and it's been given 18 penalties in 7 game weeks. That sounds about right in todays game.

In the Swedish league Allsvenskan its only been given 13 penalties in 27 game weeks, 8 teams have 0 penalties given in 27 games. I also took a look at Serie A and they had only 5 penalties given in 5 game weeks and Bundesliga only 4 penalties given in 6 game weeks. In the Champions League it's only been 5 penalties given after qualifying rounds and 2 group stage game week.

And then of course 0 penalties in 7 game weeks in the Premier League.

Something is very strange here. The only league with a normal amount of penalties given is the league my team plays in, maybe that have something to do with it.

The game save is: La Real pontaruff.fm

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