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PK goal, originally acknowledged by the game, results in a corner kick and a "missed penalty" note in the UI

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A legitimate goal, scored via Penalty Kick, was considered by the game as a save by the keeper.

Description of Issue:

A penalty kick was awarded to the user's team. It was successfully scored - the ball went into the goal, the commentary bar flashed in the team's colours, the team celebrated in the match engine, and there was even a replay - which I only have activated for goals.

However, a corner kick followed, the goal was not registered in the match score, and the penalty was subsequently registered as a missed one on the "Important Events" post-match UI column. The news article piece that showed up in the inbox let us know that the PK was supposedly saved by the keeper.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Start a Career or continue a previously started one
2. Head over to the match engine
3. Score a goal via penalty kick

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud

Ravsieg - Goal Bug.fm

This situation occured in the user's most recent match.


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