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Unhappy at your failure to strenghten the first team

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2 hours ago, Nima2708 said:

what to do :)

When you sell a player and players are not happy. You promise to strengthen that part of the field, and you do. But the players get angry that promise was not held.

What is the reason for that?

Maybe a bug or they expected better quality brought in.

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i found this helping : discuss with unhappy players and ask them if they can recomand a first team player in the position you promise . some will have no recomandation other will recomand someone . reply that you will take them in in your sight and someothers as well too.

sometimes i go further and try to sign the recomanded players but i stop contract negociation if i don't like them. usually the problem will be solved or at least the players will give you an extra time period to fulfill your promise . and in some time will drop it .

other way is to ask your captain or vice to solve it for you.

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