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FM21 Online Save Bug - Player takes too long to make a decison or something is not right.

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In my 12thMan Clan Save. I have now experienced this issue twice. First time I was buying a striker from a fellow Human player. I offered a contract and everything was agreed. Usually it takes 3-7 days for player to decide to join. But in both cases here player just did not decide at all. Even though contract talks were very easy and we reached an agreement quickly.

First time I was buying Neal Maupay from Brighton. Contract agreed,fee agreed everything sorted. 2 weeks later we are on deadline day. Still nothing happened deal falls trough due to it not being completed on time.

Second time I was buying Maarten Vandevoordt contract accepted on first try even boosted him sign on fee to much higher so he would join quicker. Again 7-10 days passed no answer I am unable to ask him to decide quicker. Deadline day finishes and the transfer is canceled.

I also suspect I had the same issue trying to loan in Alex Garcia from City only for the deal to fall trough because deadline was reached. I cant 100% confirm that was due to that because I sent an offer for him very late.

In the past you would ALWAYS get the player come in at least on deadline day no question about it. But now this is happening. If we could at least ask them on deadline day to speed up their decision but apparently we are not able to do that on deadline day.

I do hope this is just a silly bug that was missed and that it will be fixed before we reach next transfer window.

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