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Player concern: Playing in weak role or weak position

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Both the "playing in weak role" and "playing in weak position" player concerns seem flawed in FM21. I have two loanees who are great for this level (England 3rd tier). Cristo is playing as an AM(a), AF(a), or T(a), and he claims to be playing in a weak position. Here is his player page, which shows he is a natural at AMC and ST, and that his star ratings in all of these roles is the same:


Mengi is playing as a BPD(c) or CD(c), and he is equally capable in these roles:


Neither player should be concerned. They are playing in natural positions, getting consistent minutes, and playing well.

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21 minutes ago, sporadicsmiles said:

Is it specific? Such as wants to play as DC(co) or AP(S)? 

I ask because I have a player who wants me to play him in his preferred role at the moment, and it gets quite specific on what he wants. 

Yes it seems specific to the role but not the duty. Mengi wants to play the CD role in the CD position, but he doesn't specify CD(d) or CD(c). I guess the workaround is to never promise positions or roles in loan negotiations.

I would rather see the game put stipulations on playing time rather than positions and roles. It is incredibly unrealistic for a different team's manager to know what role you gave a player.

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