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[FM20] Media Overhaul v0.4

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Adds 4,240+ real media, 1,000 real journalists, 80 bookmakers, along with their styles and personalities

 This is the largest and most realistic media pack for FM ever!

I started by combining and converting all the media files I could find, from FM17 through FM20. 
From this start, I did many, many changes:

150 More Journalists & Their Personalities
Added journalists and personalities for about 80% of all 1,000
Personalities based on employer
                     (Example: Someone from a less reputable outlet may be dishonest or ill-tempered, but someone from a very good outlet may be honest or factual)
20% Personalities based on real life written articles
                     (Example: A journalist may work for a gossip outlet, but their articles may be more tactical or more thorough and honest than the rest of their coworkers.
Or, one journalist may be very detailed and long-winded, while another may simply ask one question, and write a short article of a few sentences.)
Employees added based on outlet size
                     (Example: Bigger media outlets may have several journalists, while smaller may have only one)
20% Have Favored Clubs 
                     (These are based on their favorite clubs or clubs they regularly report on/are inside sources for)

500 More Media & Their Styles:
    Added top-club dedicated websites with their real life journalists & individual personalities
    Added local media outlets & their real life journalists & individual personalities for:

      USA, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, France, and a few minor here and there(Turkey, Guatemala, Peru, etc)
    Different mediums of media outlets have differing coverage and frequency
                     (Example: A Magazine may be monthly, A newspaper daily or bi-weekly, their online counterparts daily)

Realistic Scope Settings:
Media will cover areas they cover in real life.
                     (Examples: Other media packs may have had an EPL-only media covering all of Europe. They now only cover EPL.)
             (Or a Norwegian media may cover Norway, along with EPL, and La Liga. They cover those competitions in FM also.)

80 Local bookmakers for:
             USA, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Greece, 
        Germany, France, Denmark, Czech, Croatia, China, Colombia, Brazil, Bosnia, & Argentina

 Removed duplicated media
 Removed some irrelevent old FM changes
 Removed duplicated club/type/nation settings
 Removed incorrect club/type/nation settings
 Added missing club/type/nation settings
 Fixed errors & typos
 Fixed some female journalists not being labeled female
 Fixed wrong Scopes
 Fixed wrong Coverage Areas
 Removed outlets now out of business or fake
 Added missing Types
 Fixed names
 Added missing Styles
 Added more global coverage of the biggest leagues and competitions
Deleted duplicate journalists
 Added missing employers for journalists
 Linked some media together


v0.3 Changes:

Switzerland - thanks to @adesmir!:
Deleted 23 media/journalists that are out of business/retired/non-football
Added 38 new media, based on clubs, competitions, or regions
Changed/fixed 52 media
Added 16 Journalists
Minor changes to 9 Journalists

Added 87 new media, based on clubs, competitions, or regions
Added 156 new journalists
Fixed Ruhr nachrichten and added 18 journalists

Belgium - thanks to @BadAss88:
Added 4 new media & 20+ journalists

Added 2 new media & 5 new journalists

Goal media outlet:
Added Goal for each of the 5 continents & various competitions
Added a combined total of 70 journalists and 5 club correspondents

Added 13 African-based media (Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana)

Fixed 1 media outlet
Added 43 more journalists
Removed 2 duplications
Fixed 37 journalists without based nations

v0.4 Changes:

Added 200 more media sources from France, Poland, and Turkey
Added 70 journalists from Turkey, France, Poland



DOWNLOAD: DB - Media Overhaul - majesticeternity 0.4



Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.


If you like this creation, and wish to support the hours of work, you can donate below:
(Please know that it will be very appreciated, as everyone in my family have lost their jobs since March)



Want to add media to the game?

Here's a file that @adesmir kindly created, that you can fill out. There are sample media/journalists to help you understand the setup.

If you can load the media fmf in the Editor, you can search to see if a particular media or journalist are already added in the game, then add those not added yet.

Or, you can simply fill out the below file, and I can both check and add.




Creators of previous packs:


RussianMedia - Footmob               
Indonesia Media - rio_pl             
Greek Media by fmgreece.gr         
Hungarian Media - CormakRepublicAvatar    
World Media - Nik33              
Media - Sangue Blu                 
Irish League - TheGavinMaxwell       
Media - sortitoutsi           
Polish Media - FM Revolution      
Argentina media - prestige087   
Parche Liga Chilena - Tapia        
Medios de comunicación - Migue_poli      
Real Media Sources - ducc             
Real Portuguese Media - kojuropp      
Swedish media sources  - mattep74       
 Serbian Media Pack - gamingfreak       
 Turkish Media Pack - mentese             
 Irish Fantasy Pyramid - BoyinGreen   
 Brazil    Mundi UP        - Adriano Roberto
 Canada             - yellowsweatygorilla
 Italy                 - FUSIONDB


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