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Majority of Team Concerned About New Signees' Unavoidable Exclusion from Europa League Squad

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I signed a few unattached players on the day of the transfer deadline (July 28). About a week later was the Europa League registration deadline for the third qualifying phase. At this point, the vast majority of the squad is unchangeable, with only 1 replacement allowed. Despite the free agents having signed with us far beyond our ability to make multiple squad changes for Europa League, two of them become upset to the point of complaining to teammates, developed a poor morale, and now have a distant relationship with the manager. Both agreed upon "squad player" playing time and have little social standing within the team. Neither has played in a league match yet as one has not taken place since their signings. 

More surprisingly, two team meetings were requested (Aug 8) to discuss each of the upset new signing's exclusion from the Europa League squad, despite the 1 replacement player allowance being utilized on the only "regular starter" previously not in the Europa squad. 19 of the team's players attended the first team meeting, all unhappy at the "treatment" towards one of the new signings left out.

I imagine it is feasible, if unlikely, that one of the free agents might be irrationally upset that the one replacement player allowance was not used on them, although neither were signed to starting positions, both were without teams prior to signing, and our team was months into the continental league phases at the time of their signings. Of greater concern however is that the majority of the team seemingly lacks understanding of registration rules, disregards the timing of the new signings, and ultimately stand unified in support of the new signings' anger at not being the one replacement named to the Europa League squad.


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  • SI Staff

Hi @briandonahue2

Thanks for raising his - do you have a save game just prior to the registration request where you can't register the players and they get unhappy? If you do could you upload it to the cloud so we can take a look in to this? Details on providing saves below



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Thanks so much for the response. Unfortunately this is my first year posting on the forums and I had not been preparing saves for potential upload. I have since noticed how often the saves are utilized by the SI staff to investigate the problem, so I am now doing so. I apologize that I could not be of more help for this particular issue.


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