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Overachieving clubs and media expectations don't add up

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It's exactly the same as it was in FM 2020 - playing Forest, my first season in PL, expected to finish 18th.

I'm playing well, around 15th game of the season seating in 6th or 7th place (European qualifications), but still haven't played teams from places 2-4, it's not even half of the season gone and at press conference media ask me how I feel about losing place in Europe, news articles are also written in alarmistic tone, that a few bad results will make me lose European spot.

True, they will - but I was never expected to qualify for Europe. I was not even expected to not be involved in relegation battle, I'm overachieving and that should influence media reactions. I'm not afraid to lose European qualifications place, I'm happy to be where I am and supporters, board are happy too - only media write about my club as about one predicted to be there or thereabout when the end of season comes and not achieving that goal.

So it shouldn't be like this: "Forest lose ground in race to qualify", but more like this "they still seat comfortably in the upper half of the table" - news should be written in the context of things, not be absolute and take only league position in consideration. I shouldn't have to resort to neutral answers like "it doesn't really matter at this time" but as  a manager of a club that's proudly seating next to the big boys and not scrapping points for survival I should be able to choose POSIITIVE reaction and point that out "we are higher than anyone predicted and we're proud of it, no matter if we qualify for Europe, that was never our goal".


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