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Ability to control which names are used

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There is a pool of names for each nation but today it's not completely visible. We can sort for players from eg. Sweden but wouldn't know, in the pre-game editor, if the name Svensson is used by Swedish newgens. That's something we would have to check in the game. We couldn't block that name from being used either unless every Svensson is edited. Even then it appear some names are hardcoded.

Someone may also want to make sure that certain names are connected to regions, languages spoken, ethnicity or whatnot. Again this works to some degree but clearly not 100% and the possibility to edit this would be very helpful.

Or someone wants to create a fictional nation and use an existing nation and just want to get rid of the legacy names etc. This we've seen several times in the Editor's Hideway that people who are creating nations complain about players with 'former nation' names. 

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