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Repost: Pre-Game Editor Question.


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I've got a small question regarding the use of the pre-game editor for FM21:

How do I add Nation Knowledge to a scout?

For instance if I wanted to add knowledge of Russia to Hans Gillhaus but the editor doesn't seem to want to recognise it when I add it to the custom database.

This is the route I used:

DATABASE - People - Add Condition/Name/"Hans Gillhaus" - Person Data - Career Plans - Add - "Has Knowledge of" - Nation/Search/Add Condition/Name/Russia (Selected and added)

When saved and then loaded in-game it did not appear, although other "Test" changes I did such as modifying "Han Gillhaus" name to "Hans Gillhaus Sr" appeared in-game but my scouting changes did NOT.


Any Ideas?



Another user asked me to post this in the correct section.

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