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Players not leaving Nation?


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You have to edit the transfer preferences of all other nations so that they don't buy English players.Naamloos.thumb.png.f6505e87ede57c850d33c1746f5e4053.png

Instead of East Germany it would read England there and then you have to check each country.


One thing that will save you some work is before adding the England line in the Nation Transfer preferences to check the Continent Transfer Preferences and Regions Transfer Preferences.

If the Europe transfer preferences the same as Africa is shown here, then the country doesn't buy any players from the continent (including England). 
The same thing for the Region transfer preferences, if it shows a Rating of -1 for Age 14 until 45, it won't buy any players from a region, being UK&Ireland for the region England is in.

It is a bit of work.

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