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The Funniest Poster Award


The Funniest Poster Award  

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  1. 1. Funniest Poster?

    • Ackter
    • Bliss Seeker
    • Haguey
    • SouthCoastRed
    • Vynal Seven

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  • Poll closed on 16/12/20 at 21:00

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Your nominees for the funniest OTF poster are as follows:


@Bliss Seeker



@Vynal Seven

The following were nominated but didn't make the ballot:


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If I was being fair then Bliss would get my nomination and vote. But I'm not and he wont.

Instead I nominated the two Southampton boys, @SouthCoastRed and @mark1985, who work overtime to balance out MLG's bad karma. Both guys manage to consistently make me laugh and come across as funny without trying too hard.

As only one made the cut I went with the old man for my vote. I've finally forgiven you for being a backstabbing git.

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