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Suggestion Basic Editor - Independent Club Continental Competitions


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As we all know we can created Club Continental Rules in the basic Editor and all Competitions here har depend of each other. Meaning, if you Set Champions League and Europa league, in a nation that takes top 3 to Champions league and 2 to Europa League. The game knows to pick that the 2 teams going to Europa league will be the 4th and 5th place.

If you wish to create a new competition it will pick up next team that is 6th, 7th and so (depending on what was picked by the editor).

My suggestion is the option (thick box or something, where you can set for a team qualify to one or two or whatever number of competitions you wish. For example, a Cup Winners Cup, pre-season competition, where the winners of main cups of those specific nations are qualified regardless if they qualifies to Champions League and Europa League.

Yes, I want the case to happen if a team that qualifies to the Champions league and Cup winner Cup, to play in both competition.



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