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The Best Mod/Admin Award


The Best Mod/Admin Award  

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  1. 1. Best Mod/Admin?

    • ham_aka_stam
    • MavReck
    • Neil Brock
    • themadsheep2001

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Nominated @themadsheep2001and @Neil Brock . Tough one for me but in the end TMS gets the nod.

TMS is a very knowledgeable dude who does a very good job of dealing with a lot of very racially sensitive threads. Always seems to keep things in order whilst making sure people get the point of not being racist jerks.

Brocky just does a really good job of balancing being paid to run this place and actually being our 'friend'. Comes across as a really great person.

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Mav has done a great job picking up the slack (and most of the slack is from me slacking) thus far. Don't want him to win and it go to his head though.

TMS puts up with more **** than I'd ever want to and for that he deserves a lot of credit!

I've voted for Neil, mostly for not ditching me from the team when I accidentally PM'd a problem user calling them a "wrong'un" instead of PMing Neil about said user...

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Nominated @themadsheep2001 and @metal_guitarist for this. Would've also nominated @ham_aka_stam too but at the time of posting my nominations he slipped my mind, sorry Ham!

TMS is a really solid user, posts in a lot of threads and I find his posts well balanced and informative, does good work modding this place in some touchy subject threads. Can have a good discussion with him too in the United thread. :thup:

MG - Enjoy his posts in the United thread from an academy perspective, keeps the thread updated with youth news and match updates and always on hand to answer any questions in regards to the u18/u23s.

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5 hours ago, Wigmore said:

Gillingham block vote for ham.

I can’t actually remember if ham actually supports Gillingham or if I have him confused with someone else. But well done on getting my vote in any case.

A third of the Gillingham massive did NOT vote for Ham

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On 11/12/2020 at 23:58, themadsheep2001 said:

Humbled to be nominated....

Voting Brocky, because GD is a hellhole and he valiantly throws himself in there every single time

Exactly why FrazT got the well deserved nomination as well. Guarding GD while we are asleep.

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