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The Best Thread Award


The Best Thread Award  

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  1. 1. The Best Thread Award

    • BOTU 2020
    • Covid-19
    • Depression
    • EFL Championship
    • Orange Is The New Black - US Politics
    • OTF Big Fat Quiz of the Year
    • UK Politics

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19 minutes ago, Jorg said:

I think the Depression and Mental Illness thread has some really good stuff in there as well as some great posters.  :)

I think it is an overlooked thread in general, I just hope people are aware it is there if they need it. Not that I wish people to be suffering depression :D but it is a great and welcoming and fairly low key thread which I've posted in many times over the years and have always leaned on it for support :thup: just remember to take your vitamins before you enter 

e: so overlooked i didn't even realise it was an option  :ackter:

has to get my vote. 

Edited by JD nawrat
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I went with the Championship one because I really like the little community that it has. Obviously not something that is applicable to everyone though.

I also nominated the US Politics thread because it is always good for a laugh (otherwise I'd cry).

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The US thread has been extraordinary these last couple of years, and on any other day it would have my vote. But Covid-19 wins it, not just for the level of participation, but the information, the debates, and honestly, some of the immense support people have given others in there, been really nice to see people looking out for each other with advice and guidance

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