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Suggestion - Hardcode replacement

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Hi Grade, do you have examples for that? From what I see most things can override rules in the game, sometimes you have to set it, but mostly the file will do so based on the changes made.

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On 21/02/2021 at 19:26, grade said:

Simple, try to make fantasy league for USA and add clubs from outside of the USA and they don't qualify for any continental competitions. For example.

Something like Copa America for Asian and European National Team?

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No, more like, Swansea qualifying the Champions League or Europa League. They are Wales club, but they play in the English Leagues, so they qualifying via the English Leagues.

Trying the same with a Puerto Rico club in my fantasy USA pyramid pro/rel league, the Puerto Rico club won't qualify to the equivalent North America Champions League. They qualify if I duplicate the city they are based and make it American.

This is due to the restrictions of Canadian teams in MLS, that they qualify to North America Champions League via Canadian Championship Cup and not via the MLS.

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