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  1. 1. Post Of The Year

    • Bliss' BOTU Final OP
    • deltablue coming out
    • georginho accurately predicting the US election result
    • Jorg's Life Changes

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I was one of the people who nominated @deltablue and I'm so glad that I did and that he was a finalist in this.

@Jorg's post is also very very deserving of being a finalist here today and again am glad it's being recognised. 

However, @georginho_juventusygr's post and the subsequent banter had me roaring for days and weeks. It genuinely helped provide a bright point in the current darkness in the world for me and so I have to go for that one.

I also refuse to even acknowledge that other post because of its open and blatant xenophobia in the opening lines of the video.

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  • Smallen changed the title to Post Of The Year Award

I nominated and voted for Georginho's post, really was wild seeing it come to fruition. Jorg's and delta's were very good too, for very different reasons of course but still, and was good to see the positive reaction to those posts from other users.

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I didn't nominate for this one because my memory isn't good enough.

I do wish I had remembered @deltablue's post at the time though because that deserves to win. I know OTF is pretty liberal but it really must have taken a lot of guts and bravery to come out like that because they could easily have got some very nasty responses.

@Jorg's post though would be a very worthy runner up for me and it's really good to see OTF taking depression seriously, too often it is brushed under the rug.

@georginho_juventusygrproving that even a broken clock is right twice a day. If it wasn't for the serious stuff this would also be a very worthy winner.

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22 minutes ago, SouthCoastRed said:

Well Bliss, this was your one chance and you blew it. :D


I nominated, and voted for Deltablue, and for reasons that are between me and him, I’m proud to have done so, and partially righted a stupid wrong

Yea, well I'm just happy that someone else nominated at :D

Went with Delta :thup:

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