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On my Galaxy Tab S2 8" (4:3) with stretch activated the game is fullscreen but the height stretching is wild. It's too much to be playable imho, too distracting. And with stretching disabled there's a lot of grey, unused width (and height) making the game about as big as on a phone.

Is this how it's supposed to work or is there an issue with my device? If I could stretch to fit width and leave some grey, unused height that would be perfect. As it is on my device I wouldn't say it deserves to be called compatible.

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Ok that is actually REALLY useful - I'm afraid in the short-term (ie. before xmas) it is unlikely it'll be changed - but am I right in presuming it the pitch dimensions which are bugging you?

(as I think we might be able to change that so its always kept in proportion more as part of a later update)

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Thanks for your response, The pitch is definitely the part that bugs me the most.

Any real world imagery is an instant reminder that it doesn't look right, but other than the pitch I'm not actively looking at those for more than brief moments (eg team logos). The rest of the UI looks a bit weird, a weird font and weird use of vertical space basically, but that's a lot easier to get used to.

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