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This is not the end, this is just the Start


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I'm at a point now where I want to start a thread of my own but as I'm having so much fun with my current #DanskeDanske save it won't be with a new save. To be honest, will I ever reach the end goal of the #DanskeDanske save; probably not! I'm going to treat this very much as a journeyman save of sorts. 

Going back to the beginning I loaded the game up with the following leagues;

  • Denmark (All Leagues/Playable)
  • Norway (Down to 2nd Tier/Playable)
  • Sweden (Down to 2nd Tier/Playable)
  • England (All Leagues/View Only)
  • Finland (All Leagues/View Only) 
  • Iceland (All Leagues/ View Only)

Not sure what the approximate player count was at the beginning but its now at 34,000 after 12 seasons. 

I took over at Danish side Slagelse in the 2. Division and finished a respectable 3rd, keeping the side in the same tier after the league re-shuffle. The following season we stormed to the title and won promotion to the 1. Division. A commendable 6th place in 2022/23 season was followed by promotion in 2nd place a year later. The club would be competing in the top tier of Danish football but I wouldn't be...

I was successfully interviewed and took the job in Norway at IK Start who were struggling slightly in the 2nd tier to Norwegian football. We clambered up to a respectable 4th place in the 2024 season and gained promotion via league win a season later. A unexpected 5th place finish in 2026 was followed by another unexpected finish, this time in first place to seal the clubs first title since 1980. Back to back 2nd places to Molde then Bodo/Glimt have been eclipsed by our very own back to back titles in 2030 & 2031. 


In Europe, we've had a bit of mixed success, in 2028/29 we finish bottom of Group A in what was our first CL group stage. A season later we reached the EC2 1st KO Round but lost to Danish side AaB. In 2030/31 we achieved a quarter final place but lost to Nordsjaelland in the EC2 competition again and last season we reached the EL group stage and finished an impressive 2nd place ahead of Napoli and Nice. We face Shakhtar in the 1st KO Round. 

The Manager

Currently I am 31 years old, having made my manager as young as possible for longevity purposes, I hold a Continental A License but am currently studying for the Pro License. 


I hate the media and delegate almost everything. :lol:


Current Squad

GK's & Defenders


Pickering is a cut above here ability wise, signed from Tottenham for just £375k, I am surprised no English clubs have come in for him due to the player limitations the PL has from Brexit. Mensah is the right back, signed from Crawley on a free in 2026. Storviken is first choice (when not injured) and he plays alongside one of either Paulsen or Berge. Rimmereid and Usurelu rotate at LB. 

Midfielders & Strikers


O'Connor and Hansen are my preferred central mid partnership but we rotate this position a fair bit. Aas is on his way which leaves Kommedal and Adlandsvik this season with the other Aas and Mohlala able to fill in in difficult times. Varga predominantly played RW but can be deputised by Oltra who joined from Barcelona in the summer. On the left its been Filali and Eppler rotating. Up front its been another rotation area, with Mohlala primarily alongside Aga. Aga is now starting his decline and the injury he's just sustained will do him no favours but his goalscoring record speaks for itself; 233 goals in 246 appearances in all competitions. 

We have to be mindful of the limit of the foreign players we have registered in the first team, which is nine. I'm in the process of selling the couple of freebie Argentinians I recruited which will lead to less problems with unhappiness at not being registered or them having to be loaned out season upon season until space is freed up. 

Over the season's I've been successful at signing young foreign players and selling them on for profit + 50% profit clauses which have become quite fruitful for us.  

  • Bujar Cela was signed for 80k and sold for £2.5m to PSG, he now plays for Lyon.
  • Cedric Tiesse joined on a free from ASEC and was sold to PSG for £4m. 
  • Hordur Bjarnar Olason joined from Valur for £125k and was sold to Juventus for £3.5m.
  • Frederik Danning was signed from Asante Kotoko for £400k and then sold to Porto for £3.2m plus we sold the 50% sell for near on £6m.
  • Gabriel Prempeh cost £21k from Ashanti Gold and sold to Chinese club Wuhan for £9.5m rising to £11m. 
  • Emmanuel Mohammed was a £10k signing from Hearts of Oak and sold to Arsenal for £6m rising to £9m. We sold the 50% clause for £6m and gained £1.5m from an international appearance. 

I will always continue this ethos to generate income for this club and the next club who ever it may be. There are bargains to be found and profit to be made. 

Anyway, I'm not done at Start yet, I feel we are not far away from winning a European trophy albeit probably the EC2 more than the EL. There's still room to grow the club through facility improvements and the club becoming more self sufficient from its intakes. 

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Looking at the clauses screen we're still owed a fair bit of money from instalments and appearance clauses. Lets take a look;

06997ddad4ac21c757993b2b4eb79b2c.png Played a few games for Porto this season, we should see that money in. £841k total.

963cb05d4acf0384b5dc85345bf0e466.png Played 7 times this season for Arsenal as a back up RB, I think the £1.5m is safe. £2m total due. 

1f753c017f9ed298ef38e3482ee9fce9.png Hasn't kicked on a Juventus, only worth £5.25m. Small profit if he's sold. 

1e06d8a9ab8f06a4d951faade353496a.png Our biggest sale still owes us a guaranteed £2.25m plus the 50% sell on if someone wants to pay his £72k p/w wages. 

59f22a2d5a8a62c346642fcaf5c4df4d.png A modest £700k here from Schjelderup's sale still to come. 

9b30b4502f084133621f503be5243e08.png Another £500k in instalments but I can't see us receiving the £1m from the appearances. 

We have another few remedial fee's owed to us but nothing worth noting. All in all, we should be due another £5.25m on already completed deals prior to this transfer window. 


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2032 Youth Intake

The preview for this intake was "don't expect much" and that's what we got. Our intakes have been pretty poor since I joined Start with just a couple of players making the first albeit as back-ups. 


Eggerdink could have an outside chance of making a bench in a few years but I feel his Unambitious personality could hamper him, he does have 14 for Determination so could go either way. 

Interesting to see we have a Myanmarese national in the ranks albeit with NOR 2nd nationality. 



We're at a point where I believe we've maxed out the recruitment and youth coaching but still have work to do on the facilities front. We do have on going work to further improve the youth facilities. 



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2031/32 Europa League Campaign


We end the European season having just narrowly knocked out at the 2nd KO Round to Athletico Madrid. We lost 1-0 at home and drew 1-1 at the Metropolitano. We had beaten Shakhtar 7-4 on aggregate in the round prior, winning the 2nd leg at home 5-1 in the process. 

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2032 Transfers


Just one player in this season and that 17 year old Emberland from Haugesund. Bit of a fee but will be worth it, he scored twice on his debut against Shakhtar. 

Outgoing were four players for fee's; whilst the Argentinians Villa and Saldari were decent prospects I felt it would be better if they moved on due to the restrictions on foreign players, we have 50% profit sell ons for both players. Aas was falling down the pecking order, we make a small profit and sell him abroad. Last to leave was Landro, he just hadn't kicked on and was loaned out for a couple of seasons. 

We have one deal in place for a Colombian left back from America de Cali, he joins for free in August. 

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Major Sale - July 2032


They initially low-balled me but I managed to negotiate a decent deal; £5m up front and £4m in instalments. He wanted to leave, which is understandable and only had one year left on his contract. 

I now need to find a replacement that can play on the wing and up front. 

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3 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Was following your progress on the Danske thread, its an interesting journey!

Nice big sale there, can you post a screenshot of him?

Thanks, I've probably stayed at Start for too long now but I'm really enjoying it at the moment with them. I think if I can win the Conference League I will move on. 

Of course, when I get home from work later I will. :thup:

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7 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Was following your progress on the Danske thread, its an interesting journey!

Nice big sale there, can you post a screenshot of him?


Immediately worth £12m and listed for loan. Maybe should have put that as part of the deal. Interestingly he has played 1 game for Real Madrid already and his personality has changed to Slack, he's got his move to a big club, maybe now he doesn't care anymore :lol:

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Eggerdink Progress Nov 2032

Dirirsa came in through last seasons intake and had 4* potential but I felt his Unambitious personality would hamper his development. However, game time in the U19s and plenty of training has seen him pop up to 4.5* potential. 


Couple of increases in technical's, some good improvement with his mentals and some major improvement with his physicals. 


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2032 Season Review - IK Start

We slowly becoming the dominant club in Norway having won back-to-back titles in the past two seasons we needed to continue that trend despite the players not being confident of doing so. 

We began the season with eight straight wins but failed to keep a clean sheet in all but one game. Valerenga ended our run in humbling fashion, as they defeated us 4-1. After that game whilst we didn't lose again until we had already won the title with four games to go, we were quite lucky in many games. We only kept 11 clean sheets in the 30 league games which was disappointing for me personally. We did have a few big wins this season as we beat Bodo/Glimt 4-0 at their place, then scored another four against Kongsvinger a game later. We won the title against Kristiansund by winning 7-1, Varga scoring five himself and taking the record for most goals in a game. 


We reached the Norwegian Cup final for the first time since we won the competition back in 2028. We beat Junkeren and Eik Tonsberg both 9-0 in the early rounds, Fredrikstad 5-1 then needed penalties to beat Bryne in the 3rd Round. Sandefjord were dispatched 4-0 and we stuck another four past Lillestrom in the semi's to face Rosenborg in the final. We won 3-2 but needed Varga to score the winner deep into injury time. 


In Europe, we unexpectedly reach the group stages of the Champions League, we beat Steaua Bucherest and more surprisingly Zenit. However, I wish we hadn't as we drew Man City, Real Madrid and Ajax, the epitome of the group of death. The results were pretty poor but expected, we narrowly lost to Man City 3-2 then were hammered by Madrid 8-1. A loss then draw to Ajax where we gained our only point of the campaign. Another loss to Man City was followed by a 2-0 loss to Madrid. 


We didn't score as many goals this season, the main reason would be because of being in the CL Group stage not Europa League. I rotated more this season, well it felt like it but I think I say that every season. This showed with the players' goalscoring return; Varga with 24 (in 31 apps), Mohlala with 21, Aga scored 20 and new recruit Emberland scored 19 in 31 games. 


Looking at the stats here, we have more shots than the league average which means we scored more goals than the average. Whilst we scored lots, we conceded far too many and had poor passing completion. These are both things we need to look at for next season. 


Whilst we conceded on average 0.93 goals per game we didn't concede many shots on goal and when we did we had Pickering saving most of them. We converted roughly 17% of our 16/17 average shots per game. 

We made plenty of profit this season purely through reaching the group stages of the CL and selling players, we made £21m in player sales alone, whilst only spending £4m on incoming players. 


We have two clauses available to sell, both for players I sold this season. We don't need the money but I need to keep an eye on their values. We could gain £2.5m from the Eppler clause and £4m for the Oltra clause. 



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Clause Sale

Another clause popped up on the screen which I decided to cash in on. We don't need the money but I don't think I will get the chance again at this value, he's not a first team player for Man Utd so I can't see his value increasing through play time. 


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International Call-Ups - March 2033


A few tit-bits from these call ups; Eggerdink becomes our first academy player to get recognition, our goalkeeper Pickering has been called up by England and Storviken has finally been called up Norway which will hopefully put an end to his moaning about playing for a club where he can get to play for the national side. 

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2033 Transfers 


Silva left without even playing a game for us, the deal was structured £4m + £4m + 50%. I replaced him with Norwegian national Krokbo from rivals Rosenborg, he can play either on the left or the right wing. Addai was another cheap African, he's joined Malmo on loan for the season. Brogger and Ingerslev were signed by my AssMan Joaquin for the 2nd team. 

For the first time I've signed a loan manager and let him deal with that aspect of the game, we shall see if his work pays off. 


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Personality Changes



Despite a drop in Determination from 19 to 18, Hansen has popped to a Model Citizen. Personally I haven't done anything to effect this change other than try and sign coaching staff with good personalities and players with high determination. The 19 year old Faroese midfielder is fast becoming the first player on the team sheet. 

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6 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

He looks fantastic. Was he being mentored? 

No wasn't being mentored, I find mentoring does more damage than good when I have used it in the past. 

I signed him from Midtjylland for £1.3m at the age of 16, having never played a game for them.

He's only in the influential category, maybe because of his age but when he reaches a higher category he could become the mentor. 

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2033 Season Review - IK Start

I've skipped past the end of season and have started the 2034 season so brief and lack of screenshots for this one. 

A fourth title in a row by a comfortable margin as we ended the season undefeated for the first time. We scored a huge 95 goals this season too and conceded just 17 goals as we shored up the defence a tad. We made it a domestic treble by winning the Super Cup at the start of the season against Rosenborg and then beat Odd BK in the final of the Cup in extra time. 



In Europe we Celtic over two legs to reach the group stage of the Champions League for a 2nd successive season, we would face Man Utd, PSV and Porto. Defeats to Man Utd home and away, a 1-0 win and 1-0 loss over Porto and a 3-3 draw and 5-0 win over PSV meant we finished 2nd with just 7 points and a place in the 1st KO Round where we would face Arsenal. 

Varga made a clean sweep for goals with 37, assists with 17 and highest average rating of 7.80. Emberland had another good season scoring 33 and whilst Mohlala scored 27, although he featured in central midfield a fair bit. I made one further sale last season as full back Walter Perez left for PSG in a deal worth £4.5m + 50% profit. I replaced him with 16 year old Leandro Noslin from AZ Alkmaar. I also spent a huge £3.7m on 15 year old Randolf Helstad from Rosenborg, the youngster had featured for Odd on loan scoring 15 goals in 24 games prior to his arrival. 

Financially we gained through CL prize money and a profit in the transfer market. I improved the youth facilities to Excellent at a cost of £2.5m and have gone again with both training and youth facilities at a cost of £7.5m. 

I signed a new contract nearly doubling my wages to £14k per week.


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2034 Transfers

PSG may as well start paying us to be their feeder club. 



Two players leave and both go to PSG. First choice LB Usurelu had just got his first cap for Romania and PSG had shown interest before but I managed to deter their interest, not this time as he goes for up to £6m + 50% profit. Bjarmann was going to make an impact on the first team this season, he could play either CM or ST but his head was turned and rather than risking an unhappy squad off he went for £1m. 



I raided Rosenborg twice more for a their prospects purely to show them who we are. Gundersen is a CB/LB cover option and Furuseth is a young GK who will play second fiddle to Pickering. Hien rejected our first contract offer but I got him second time round, the young Ivorian CB will probably go out on loan. de Jonge is another LB option for cheap money. Kondo is a Japanese AMC who I will drop back to CM, I'm trying to butter the board up for an overseas affiliate, a Japanese club would be perfect. Porkelsson and Kouadio are 2nd team players signed by Joaquin. 

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Wonderkid - March 2034

We have our first wonderkid and its a player I've not mentioned before. 


Lets ignore his personality, Juan Pablo Caicedo is a baller. Signed on a free from Colombian outfit America de Cali in the summer window of 2033, he slotted into the left wing berth with no trouble at all. 11 goals and seven assists in 13 (9) games was a fantastic return. He's already been capped by Colombia and I cannot see him staying in Norway long although he has another 3 years on his contract. 

Edited by ToMexico!!
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Coaching Team - June 2034

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of my favourite parts of FM is building a back room staff of former pro's and then seeing them improve and maybe move onto positions in management.


This is the first team coaching team setup so far, although we have no room to increase in size just yet. Joaquin has been my right hand man since I joined the club and improved tremendously. Dean Rastrick is a bit of coup for the club, he starts the game at Spurs as a coach, then moved to Liverpool as HoYD but was released in 2029. I picked him up in 2031 to be our HoYD. Sacha Martin was formerly of Groningen and joined as one of my coaching changes in 2025, Ortiz was part of Sandefjord coaching team until 2022 and was without a club until 2025. Fitness coaches Thunshelle has been with the club since the game started and Helander joined from Djurgardens in 2032, neither are former players though, its always hard to find decent ones that were former pro's. 

Dutch legend Emanuelson started the save at Utrecht U19's but was released in 2023, he joined Start in 2025. Two years at Oostende U19s for Thiago Motta then saw him unemployed for three seasons before joined Saudi side Al-Ittihad as a coach, where I then signed him from in 2032. Ben Gibson retired in 2029 after seven seasons at Norwich then his twilight years at Hull. Eliassen was a lower league player before taking the reigns at Sogndal-2 and being caretaker manager for a spell. 

I'm still building up the 2nd team and U19's coaching staff but Jordan Henderson heads up the U19s as manager. 

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Big Sale - August 2034

Its not a player I wanted to sell but with just one year left on his contract and no interest in renewing, Kosta Varga has left the club for Man Utd. 


£7.5m up front is good money plus £4m after 5 international appearances which should be easy enough. We also have that 50% profit clause as ever, he instantly worth £24m at his new club. 

His goals will be missed, he had 25 in 18 appearances so far this season but I'm confident that youngster Helstad will take up that goal scoring mantle. 

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Erling Haaland 

No I haven't signed him, yet ;) but I wanted to show his international record off in my save. 


198 International goals is incredible, he should get to 200 in a game or two....


Or not... such a shame for him and Norway as a whole. 

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Finances - September 2034


We're working our way up to that £100m mark thanks to Varga's sale and through being drawn straight into the CL group stages this season. 

We also have some clauses we could sell and plenty others that have potential for a windfall from. 


The Eppler clause is currently worth £2.2m and the Silva deal has been increasing and worth £8.12m as things stand, Spurs also owe us £1.5m in an instalment too. 

PSG could owe us a fair bit, we have 50% profit on Bjarmann (worth £5.5m), Perez is valued less than what we sold him for, Usurelu is worth £12.5m and we are owed £2.5m in instalments plus £1m if he gets 1 international cap and Villa is worth £20m after we sold him for £5m to them. 

Varga is playing games for Man Utd so his value should increase, I'll keep an eye out for an offer for the clause. 

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2034 Season Review - IK Start

A solid season in which we won the title by 8 points to Valerenga but we lost twice which was disappointing, one of those defeats was against Valerenga but we had the majority of the squad away for international duty. We ticked off a small target by scoring 111 goals this season in the 30 league games. We far outscored our xG of 2.56 goals by scoring 3.7 goals per game which is huge. We were taking on average 19.2 shots per game with 55% of those being on target. 


We were disappointing in the Norwegian Cup being knocked out on penalties by Haugesund and we lost the Super Cup on pens too after a 0-0 draw with Rosenborg. 

In Europe, we went straight into the group stages of the Champions League and were drawn alongside Inter, Lyon and Sporting. We secured 3rd place ahead of Sporting as we beat them once and drew with them. We wait to see who we get in the 1st KO Round of the Europa League. 


Emberland was crowned top scorer in the League with 27 goals, he went on to score a further 9 goals in the other competitions to finish the season with 36 in 35(2) games and also contributed 13 assists. Mohlala scored 25, whilst Caicedo managed 15 from left wing. Caicedo went assist crazy though, contributing 24 goals for his team mates, a new club record. We can't forget the goals of Varga before he left for Man Utd, he amassed 25 goals in 18 games, he would have probably went on to score another 25 if he had stayed. 

Financially we're set for a while even without player sales and regular CL football. With £112m in the bank currently we've been given £80m to spend and a £900k per week wage budget, of which we're spending just £98k p/w. I have asked the board for more upgrades to the training and youth facilities which they agreed to at a cost of £10m. 


We are beginning to look a little frail defensively, especially in wide areas so I will look to address that in the next transfer window. We do have space for another foreign player to be registered but the likes of Hansen, Caicedo and Mohlala are all wanted by Chinese clubs so there could be room for a few more South Americans yet. 


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10 hours ago, john1 said:

Not bad money to get for your players :thup: Such a shame Haaland, retired with 198 goals for Norway :D 

Yeah its been pretty easy to generate funds so far and then not spend them, although I guess if we get a new stadium then most of our balance will go on that. Its all about that 50% profit clause, we've made some real headway with that in the past few seasons, selling around half a dozen clauses for circa £30m. That shows that I'm signing the right players and selling at the right time for the bigger clubs to acknowledge the player still has some room to grow. 

We still have four clauses outstanding from PSG but I have seen I won't be getting anything for Villa as he is joining River Plate on a free at the end of his contract which is disappointing, he was worth around £20m not so long ago but not playing for the first team at all. 

I've rebuffed a string of bids for Faroese player Hansen from China, he's keen to stay. However, Caicedo on the other hand was happy to stay but after Liverpool's 3rd or 4th bid, he changed his tune. Liverpool are yet to offer the £15m asking price I have set. 


I know I didn't get it, he was 34 at the time of looking at him and was still in good physical shape, a friendly or two would have seen him across that 200 goal threshold for sure. 

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2035 Transfers - IK Start

Another off-season of change at Start. 



4 Senior squad players leave the club; de Jonge was poor at LB, as a foreigner he was sent back to his native home, Kommedal was way down the pecking order, he followed de Jonge to Sweden. Aas was surplus and sold way under his value, off to Denmark he goes. Last to leave was young Norwegian LB Rimmereid, he kept moaning so I didn't renew his contract. 




Assistant Manager Joaquin signed Hafporsson, Zografos, Lefevre and Kowalczyk for the 2nd team, all on acceptable wages, he did try and signed a couple of £3-4k p/w, Torgersen is a 16 year old RB, Alsaker is a young MC, Aguirre is my new first choice LB; I stole him from under the noses of both Milan clubs. Nygard is a Norwegian and will be a first choice CB, I tried to sign him permanently but he wanted too much in wage. Hecko is a 16 year old Slovakian with great potential at CB. Suleiman is a LW and replacement for Caicedo. 

We have one deal for an incoming player. 


And one deal for a player to leave.


Ruddy PSG again, he wanted to leave and the players were unhappy I didn't let him go to Liverpool but they only offered me £4m. He leaves for double that plus 50% sell on if we ever get the chance of taking it. 

The loan manager has gone ham on players leaving on loan and I don't mind it at all. 


Lots of foreign players in there out for development and then to sell including Hajji, Lagin and Abogo. Comper was my best player from my last intake just gone. 

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Wonderkid - Mohamed Hien


We have a second wonderkid in Ivorian defender Mohamed Hien. The youngster was signed from his homeland club ASEC for just £275k. The 19 year old has already played 22 times for this senior national side and looks set to feature heavily in the future. He's wanted, of course he's wanted and unsurprisingly PSG are suitors along with Liverpool and Chelsea. 

I've offered him a new 5 year deal, nearly doubling his wages which he looks set to sign. 


A couple of stats are pretty low here, tackles per 90 and clearances per 90 but I think that's due to the way we play as a team. He doesn't need to tackle but when he does he's won every single one so far this season, has a 91% pass completion as we look for the defence to keep things simple and won 84% of his headers. 

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Wonderkid - Nicolas Aguirre


A off-season signing for £2m from Atletico Nacional to be first choice left back. Fantastic physically, some great mental attributes including Anticipation, Work Rate and Positioning should see him defensively solid. I like my full backs to have good crossing ability and passing which he lacks in but we're working on that. 

To be honest, a solid season in Norway will see interest from top clubs as a cheap punt for their teams. I don't expect him to be here long. 

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16 minutes ago, karanhsingh said:

Hien looks fantastic. ASEC are my favorite team for newgens in FM. Top quality every single time. 

Aguirre also very solid but this is a gripe I have with newgen production in FM - almost all the full backs that come through are defensively minded. 

ASEC always produce a superstar or two. I always look at them, Asante Kotoko, Diaraf, Stade Malien, Enugu Rangers, Coton Sport, Astres, Brasseries, AC Leopards, Ashanti Gold and Horoya for African youngsters. You can pick players up for anywhere between 10k and 300k and always get a decent player and make loads of profit. 

I know what you mean, in past saves on FM19/20 I've retrained defensive wingers into wing-backs or full-backs. I can live a little with the tackling stat not being as high if their crossing/passing is higher. 

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2035 Season Review - IK Start

We keep plodding on and keep winning titles, that's now six in a row and seven overall. A little concerning that we managed to lose four games this season, against; Brann, Lillestrom, Stabeak and Odd but we still finished nine points clear of 2nd placed Rosenborg. We plundered 100 league goals this season which was slightly less than last seasons 111 but still a good total at 3.3 goals per game. 


We won the Super Cup again, this time against Valerenga and we finished as runners-up in the Norwegian Cup, losing 1-0 to Lillestrom. 

Straight into the group stages of the Champions League again this season and were drawn alongside Inter, Porto and CSKA Moscow. A 4-1 thumping against the weakest side in the group CSKA wasn't what I expected and thought here we go but we rallied to beat CSKA 4-2 and Porto 2-1 to finish 3rd in the group and drop into the EL. 


I felt at times that we missed the goals of Varga in the early part of the season but Emberland kept up his season-on-season form to score 31 goals with 26 in the league to finish as the leagues top scorer. Mohlala managed 23, whilst a developing Helstad scored 22. New signing Suleiman scored 17 whilst assisting 16 from left wing. Emberland though was the cream of the crop for assists, managing 25 alongside all his goals. 

Hien tried to force a move but I've managed to keep him with PSG the main proprietors again but not matching my valuation. Dortmund did bid £12m which I would have accepted but it didn't have the profit clause with it. I sold a couple of 2nd string players and loaned out plenty of players too. 

Financially we made a small loss overall, our main income from the CL prize money plus around £9m from outgoing transfers. 




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Clause Sale - Dec 2035


Finally I get the chance to sell this clause after 5 seasons in China. Value at £18m, we get half his value again on top of the £11m fee we received in the first place. I don't envisage him leaving China due to his high wages at Wuhan. 

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Former Player Watch - Feb 2036

I've made a shortlist for former players who have been part of a major transfer away from the club. Lets take a look at them...


Mohammed and Cela top the list for value at £53m apiece. The former left for £9m and is his 6th season at the gunners consistently playing as a Libero, whilst the latter was the first player to make a move from Start in a deal worth £2.5m to PSG back in 2027. He played just once for PSG, was then loaned to Sevilla and subsequently sold to Lyon for £11m in 2030/31. He has a decent scoring record for club and country and is just 4 appearances short of 100 for Kosovo. Tiesse joined Cela at Lyon this season in a deal worth £25m via Lille. He too joined PSG in 2029 and largely spent time in the PSG-2 squad. Varga only left for Man Utd in 2034 but finds himself on the transfer list despite playing and scoring goals last season. Caicedo joined PSG last season and has played twice for the first team. Silva left for Tottenham having never played for us, he was signed on a free then spent time on loan at Malmo before leaving us for £8m, he's currently on loan in Switzerland. Prempeh has given us plenty of income, initially with £11m in the deal to join Wuhan and recently around £10m in the sale of the 50% profit clause.


Saldari was another player never to play for us, signed on a free from Argentina, he joined Man Utd for £3m, he spent time on loan at LA Galaxy and signed for Fenerbahce for £22m this season. Three more players in the above list left for PSG, UsureluBjarmann and Perez have had limited first team opportunities but feature heavily for PSG-2. Oltra signed for Real Madrid for £9m after a good season with us, 1(4) appearances for the first team and then sold for a big loss to Oviedo. Villa again signed for PSG and didn't play, he joined River Plate for free this season and has had a decent season. Danning left in 2029 and joined Porto where he has had some game time, he looks set to leave at the end of the season on a free. 


Another player to leave in 2029 was Olason, 83 goals in two season saw Juventus snap him up for £3.5m, no first team appearances then a poor loan spell at Kobenhavn saw him join Russian side Krasnador for £1.4m then after two seasons joins CSKA Moscow for £1.9m. Eppler joined Start in 2031, played a part in two seasons and left for Milan for £2.8m. A loan spell at Brondby was followed by one at Molde and he's now set to join LASK for free at the end of his contract. 

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