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FM21 is different, but why?

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As requested by @FrazT, im just posting here, so maybe i could get some info about it...

@Neil BrockDear friend... please, can you officially give us some word?...

- Where can we DISABLE this notifications everytime someone else scores in the same league? (attached)

- Or some team changes their position in the table?

- How can we go to a certain moment in the game? Last year we could click in the timeline (WHERE ARE THE TIMELINE) and the moment was there...

- Where are the Assistant Manager Tips?

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-04 at 15.46.30.jpeg

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4 horas atrás, FrazT disse:

I would suggest that the thread title is not relevant to what you are trying to find out- try changing the title.

searching around, could see that isnt just me complaining about these items...

now i know that DOESNT exists any option to disable these annoying goal notifications, that you removed the timeline

and that this year won't exist white skin due to a bug in the game

Thats ok now, you can close this thread

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