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Unresponsive screen/input


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Hi, playing on Samsung Tab A 10.1

When I close the screen on tablet whilst I'm busy doing something else,  whether for 5 mins or 5 hours, when I turn tablet back on and the game is straight back where I left it as it's been running in background, the screen becomes unresponsive.

Sometimes you can click a link, for example Squad, but the screen input will open Competitions, which is 4 bars down. To press continue you usually have to press the ?...


Is this a known bug ? I have to close the app and reload to fix it, this is a pain and takes away the purpose of FM touch being a completely"pick up and play" game that I'm looking for.


Regards , 




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Hi I'm facing the exact same issue. I hope you'll reply to my issue as you haven't bothered to above. Iv a galaxy a7 lite tablet an the touchscreen issues are really annoying and I won't be purchasing fm22 touch this year if the issue isn't resolved

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