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I cant talk to my players about playing time or advance the game

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One of my players who I dont want to lose wanted to talk to me about more playing time I dont want to lose him or upset him the game says YOU MUST RESPOND. but when I try to there is no options to talk on the next screen so I back out and try again and again there is no options to talk to him so the gam refuses to allow me to advance until I talk to him but also refuses to give me an option when talking to him. 





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On 16/12/2020 at 13:29, Russell Hammant said:

Hi @jim-thompson1980 & @loizoud94

Do you have a save game from just before this is occurring? It's an issue we're aware of but these saves would be really helpful. Details on how to provide saves below

To advance the game if you holiday a day you'll be able to continue as normal.


Hi @Russell Hammant, it is saved under 'coming in your ears.fm'

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