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[Suggestion] Adding more customisation to Scouting


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I think the Scouting system could do with some simple but effective changes to make things more intuitive.

I'd replicate the search filters available for player search and apply that to both:

a) assigning a scout (so that he will only bring back players of a specified position, age, nationality, value, contract/transfer status, attribute set, etc) 

b) navigating the scout results page, so it's not just one big hard-to-manage data dump. 

The functionality is all there. It's just a case of tweaking for those scenarios above. 


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Yep, the "into the blue" scounting needs some tweaks.

Stuff like "I'm looking for aright wingback with good pace" or "some midfielder who is strong with freekicks" should be the MAIN way looking for players and not searching the whole database (vanilla even without hidden attributtes) and then scout the target I already found myself.


There should also be an auto-scouting option, e.g. scout promising players withoug a club, etc.

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