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Can anyone explain why the Epic store game is an old version missing leagues?

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6 minutes ago, sphanlon01hc said:

20.4.0 as opposed to 20.4.4, that's what i mean by different version

I was told on this forum gibraltar was a plugin, canada was patched in. They may have been wrong.

The game version and the database versions are different- that could be the 4.4 game version and the 4.0 database version.

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1. FM20 didnt have Canadian nor Gibraltar league. You should check Editor Hideout to find some additional leagues made by contributors

2. Open your FM, when you are on the home screen, check your lower left hand side, there should be a note whether it is 20.4.0 or 20.4.4

3. As @FrazT said above, it may be the game 20.4.4 version but the database is the 20.4.0 because as far as i remember the 20.4.1 until 20.4.3 update is just stability fix not database changes

4. Please make sure that you are REALLY get the game from Epic Games Store

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