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Overall Passing Combo bug

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When looking at the overall passing combinations (ALL) of the team it does not show it correctly and as previous FMs of this screen.

You used to get white lines that formed different shapes of the passing so you could see at a glance where the ball is been passed to, you then could hone in on this by selecting the players of the passes which does work.  Presently the screen only shows very few of the passes and does not form the patterns.  I have looked at this on two matches now and it is the same result where you only see 1 or 2 white lines and they do not connect to any other players




Belenenses v Vilafranquense_ Review-2.png

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Will this be fixed in the next patch as it is still evident in the latest one released I attach a pkm of my last match



  I have uploaded a saved game  Wazza (v02).fm to the cloud so you can investigate 


404383848_FeirensevVilafranquense_Teams-2.thumb.png.941d3913ed594ccb77ce49994e26e533.png.  Ia tt

Feirense v Vilafranquense.pkm

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On 18/01/2021 at 14:03, John Wood said:

Hi @wazza this is being looked at and is a known issue.

Was this fixed in the last patch in Feb with the winter update as nothing appears to have changed

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