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The Keys to the Ferrari.


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So, after my Beta save ended in disaster I decided to start a proper save.
I like starting small and building myself up so I didn't give myself any badges and only a Sunday player. I expected to get a job in the Vanarama National, or the Vanarama National North or National South. I started the game up July 2020 and realized there was only a couple of jobs available. After I didn't get any of them I was just about to speed ahead to Christmas when Wigan in Sky Bet League One came calling. In the interview I agreed to whatever they wanted, but figured a no name had no chance at the job. I was wrong. I got the job. My jaw dropped. I have no transfer budget, my payroll is completely used up, but luckily all they want is for me to avoid a relegation battle.

Since I am so much a no name my leadership support is listed as very poor. Team talks are a chore, because even though I am saying the right things, the players don't pay attention to me. I decided on a tactic and then go back and forth experimenting, (Wing Play, but I am more of a Control Possession or Tiki-Taka guy). During this time we are not doing good and even loose 4 games straight. I am above relegation, but things are rocky.Finally I decide on a modified Wing Play tactic and we start winning. (The Encourage shout is the new Demand More). \

From October to January we do not loose any league games so as the transfer windows open I have an A+ rating with the board, we sit in 3rd place, and my leadership support has built up to "average." But there are problems. I have 0 transfer budget, I am $150K over my payroll, and my starting CD and starting MC, who are on loans, are leaving. The CD I decide not to sign so I can extend the MC loan. But he is from Swindon, currently next to last in League One ready to get relegated, and they will not deal.

He has 7.0+ average rating and I figure I need about $250K to get him on transfer. So I ask the board to increase the transfer budget. My inbox shows that they reject the increase, but there is a note that they are willing to hear me out if I want to discuss it with them. I figure why not.

I go to discuss it with them and the board screen opens and the President says they are not interested in increasing the amount. I am given a couple of choices and I think I clicked on meeting ambitions or something. At this point the President said he would increase the transfer budget and did I agree with the amount or did I want to negotiate. Now here is a problem. Nowhere could I see an amount listed. I did not try clicking off the board screen, but the amount either was mentioned or was mentioned so quickly that I did not see it. Since they have they have increased my budget, I figure it is probably for a couple $100K, which is what I need and decide not to press my luck and argue for more.

I end the meeting and go to my transfer screen to find out how much money they gave me.

They increased my transfer budget to $4.89 million. $4.89 million!!!! That is like half the clubs savings.

They gave me the keys to the Ferrari

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