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Substituted player stays on pitch - cannot make any more subsitutions


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I had planned a subsitution in a match, just before the opponent scored. What then happened was the substitution was cancelled, but the player stayed on the pitch and was marked as Substituted and I could not take him off, even though he was still on the pitch.

Player in question is Akanbi, you can clearly see he is still on the pitch, despite being marked as substituted. When I select to substitute him, I get a message that max subs are already played........ Whenever I hover over the Akanbi's 'sub icon' it just says he was substituted off on whatever the current minute of the match was, but he remains on the pitch.

As a result of this bug, I was only able to make two substitutions in this match.

No addons or skins, standard latest Steam version of the game.






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