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[Suggestion] Return Transfers/Contracts in FMT21 to the FMT20 Model

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Following a comment I made on another Forum, and the response provided by a member of the SI staff, I am adding this post to this form as well. 


In the 2021 version of FM Touch (I play on iOS), I can no longer (among other things, this list is not exhaustive) do the following:

  • offer competition bonuses to players during contract negotiations
  • put in an expiry date for a release clause
  • offer different types of release clause (e.g. for clubs in a higher division or those playing in a continental competition)
  • offer players a sell on % of any profit made in their next transfer
  • offer a seasonal landmark goal bonus
  • offer an automatic contract extension following promotion
  • offer a bonus for international caps / wage hike for a set number of caps
  • make a transfer offer based on a per appearance fee
  • make a transfer offer with a straight sell on clause 

I've attached images comparing a contract offer in this year's game (Johnny Williams) to last year's game (Adrian Mariappa) to show my point. 

It's such a shame that a game that prides itself on offering a realistic experience for players would take so many steps backwards in such an important part of the game. It has a huge impact on attracting players and is very basic. Comparing this product to last years, £ for £ this is currently worse. This issue with transfers/contracts really needs to be fixed in the next update. What disappointed me more, was that the response provided by a member of SI staff made it clear that these features are unlikely to be added due to the desire to "streamline" the product. 

A completely streamlined version of the game exists, it's called FM Mobile. You already cut back on features which are not going to be the be all and end all, but building your squad and taking your team to glory is part of the fabric of this game, which is effectively an immersive experience based on the idea of Fantasy Football. Taking away these features, and adding stats like xG and individual shouts which add nothing to the gaming experience (and go against this M.O which you are referring to about streamlining the game) is misguided and will put people off. You may not lose people this year, but in future people will be put off paying such a high amount of money and turn to free alternatives where expectations are lower. There's lots of promotional material about what's new, what you remove could also be referred to as "new features".

Should you really be "streamlining" a product, and still charge the same amount? In my view FM Touch is either an alternative to the PC game for those who don't own a personal PC, or a version of the game for those wanting to play cross-device at home and on the move. 

This should be discussed and rectified as soon as possible. 





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Ah you already added this. I second this.

I am all for streamlining FMT but I think its pillars are Tactics/Scouting/Transfers. It is already streamlined in the sense that we don't need to do 20+ staff contracts but I think giving people the option to negotiate the contract that works with various clauses would fit within the vision of FMT. Removing some options from a player perspective does not really make the game faster. I actually spent more time looking for a way to make a contract work because I could not find any options.

Thank you.

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The options are definitely too limited this year but do they differ on context? With my senior player I had no wage rise option but the youth player did have this "as a suggestion" already in there?


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Further example of the lazy removal of these features. 

When searching for players, you can search by clauses that have been removed from this game as part of the "streamlining" process...

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I’m guessing they’ll bring these features back in a year or two’s time as ‘brand new’ 😂

I just hope they can get these removed features back in before it’s too late in the cycle.

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