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Pass completion wrong for top teams.


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Hi.  This issue was brought up last year too, but for some reason I cant find the thread and dont remember who started it.

The issue is the following: I have now simulated 5 different save games over several seasons with different nations and I have yet to see a single team have a pass completion percentage above 79 (most teams lower and a team like PSG often around 75%)

In real life the best teams (City, Liverpool, PSG, Bayern, Barca etc etc) has a passing completion percentage of 84-88% (sources differs a bit, but official Premierleague page and whoscored.com have these numbers but whoscored has numbers a few percentage points above the premierleague site)

These numbers should be easily to reconstruct and it would surprise me if any save game would have team with a passing completion percentage in the 85%-range as I have yet to reproduce it.


Hope this can be solved, cause it cleary has to do with how the best teams are controlling the matches. To me it seems like they are not patient enough in the build up and when having a comfortable lead they continue with quick transition with far to risky passes. This gives to many players a low pass completion percentage during a match compared to real life statistics.

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