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double payment on agreed players without work permit

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When you have pre-agreed a transfer for a player without a contract, when the time comes to be able to apply again (before they join) but they are already agreed and cost already taken you are being charged again whether the work permit goes through or not.

example i had agreed 30million worth of transfers and now a week prior to them joining i had been able to apply for work permits again, once again they were rejected and once again the transfer fee has been deducted from balance meaning i have now paid 60mill, for players agreed at 30mill. further more most of those transfers have clauses with rising fees.

the alternative being if i chose not to confirm the ''transfer'' even though its just a work permit application for an already pre agreed transfer. despite them having already been confirmed and charged for the transfers are then cancelled without the funds already paid being refunded.

meaning i am now down 30 mill in transfer funds to what i should have had and with that of cause bank balance

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