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MULTIPLAYER - Xbox - Fantasy Draft - Subs widget not appearing at the bottom of the screen

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Summary: There is no Players and subs option at the bottom of the screen on Football Manager Xbox.

Description of Issue:

Unlike the PC version, there is no Players and subs option at the bottom of the screen on Football Manager Xbox. Please see below for image from PC version with correct tab at the bottom of the screen available.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Fantasy Draft > Any Budget and Data Set
  2. Add 1 AI Club
  3. Begin and Complete Draft Process
  4. Set up tactic and advance to match
  5. Attempt to make a sub in-game

Result: You cannot make any tactical changes/subs in the Xbox version until your Assistant recommends them unlike on PC. You can make changes in any other gamemode

See image below for expected results, taken from PC:


Widget at the bottom showing players, tactics and subs etc is not present on Xbox. Tested and replicated 4/4 times.

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