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USA Problems


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There are 2 big problems in the game see for yourselfs,

I have no MLS in my database but Inter Miami is automatically linked to it, just as Nashville. even when you delete everything from USA competitions. 




This second picture shows that they are in a competition.

I would suggest to bring it back to normal without automatically in MLS competition. Normal MLS is far from finished I think most people would like to play in a Custom competition rather than a broken competition system. 

Also the year you've seen alot of people complain about the competition starts in 2021. its obvious the same reason why I cant choose Inter Miami its all linked to the hardcoded MLS. 


This Issue has been in the game since the release, Its now 7 December so how much time is it gonna take to fix a relative easy problem? 



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Description of Issue:

The NACL or North American Champions League doesn't show as a trophy in the Club History tab for MLS winners. 


Steps to Reproduce:

MLS>TEAMS>LAFC>Club History/Achievements = (you can see that LAFC have won the Supporters Shield and despite winning the NACL in 2021 they are not granted the trophy. Yet they were clear winners as can be seen on the NACL page. It's not just the NACL that isn't being awarded in the overview of MLS team pages, it's also the Leagues Cup and the US Open Cup. The only thing that is awarded is the Supports Shield. 


Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: 1GametillMLSTeamWinsNACL (v02).fm


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I dont know about that Issue but I always make my own database.

I am not a big fan of how the MLS structure works so i make it like the Premier League

Currently i have a database with 8 division levels , 5 divisions of academy clubs and 6 division for the U19 teams. 

I also make for the most leagues trophies. 

When they fixed the Inter Miami and Nashville issue and the starting date of the competition from 2021 to 2020 then I will release my file in the Steam Workshop.

As long as its not fixed I will be playing Pes 2021, I will be checking for the fix daily. 


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