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Bielsa stuck as Manager at Leeds despite news items suggesting he's leaving to become DoF

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I keep getting a news item that says Marcelo Bielsa is moving into a Director or Football role at Leeds but it never actually happens. As you can see from the screenshot below, he's left quite a few times in 2024, but also in 2023 too..


I've attached a save game which means it should happen within the next month of so, but it happens regularly so won't have to wait long for it. File is called 'Steve Gibson - Unemployed (v02)'

Apologies, couldn't see if there was already an issue like this logged.




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If it's helpful I've got the exact same issue but with Flick at Bayern Munich.  Around Jan 2030 it was announced he would be moving to DoF at the end of the season but now in Oct he is still the manager.  Every few weeks there are rumours who will replace him but he is stuck.  His career milestones look exactly like the screenshot provided above by gibbo11. I can provide a save if required but it's too large to upload here.

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