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Hi , i think i could have a bug and is getting annoying .

So my players hidden personality stats are getting down all time , with mentoring , without mentoring etc , i see personality of my players droping.

Some perfectionist get only high determination , some model citizen drop and i get training reports all time telling me " less appealing  characteristic of the team are getting effects " and i see the personality sometimes drop . 

Never see anyone get the personality raise , only drop and is dam strange , i even put a model citizen with 3 kids with low personality and dont see any change. 

Can you guys help me fixing this or help some how ... 

I put the save game in the cloud , Tiago Rebocho - SL Benfica.fm 

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Hello and apologies for the late reply.


Can you name a few players, so I can point the devs where to look? The last few articles in your Inbox are all about positive development :)


Kind regards,


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