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Save screen blocking game??

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Not sure how or why, but finding the save screen would appear without request.  Not in itself necessarily an issue, but had it with no option to interact (just a greyish menu with 'save game' at the top and nothing else) and then same, but with option to 'save' or 'cancel', but couldn't interact with either option.  The cursor would still be active, but on the screen hidden behind the save menu (i could see the edges moving around).  

This was at the start of the game so couldn't get much progression.  Tried three or four times and restarting the game, but kept happening so couldn't progress. 

Like other had issues with searching (not able to go to the search item), scrolling (text was hidden in text box with no option to move up or down), slow movement of cursor (2-3 sec delay), but the above is game-breaking.

Love the FM games and have been waiting for years for a console version, but this is a disappointment.

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for reporting this, we're looking into it.

Just to clarify - if you click the left stick to enable the cursor emulation, does that allow you to navigate to the Save/Cancel buttons and close the save dialog?


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On two occasions it was just the save screen with only the title, nothing else.  Third occasion i had the save(y)/cancel(b) buttons.  Neither pressing Y or B did anything, but the using my controller as a mouse i was able to activate the save button (but not the cancel button).  When the save game as options came up i was then able to cancel.

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