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[FM21] - The Arsenal way

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Hello everyone! I just started a new Arsenal save with pr0 transfer updates. I'm not that good at writing so don't expect much fantasy, just plain narrative of the things going on. I disabled the first transfer window signings and I'll try to keep signings to a minimum (not that we can do much else with the budget given) and as realistic as possible, maybe even have the same players that are signed IRL.

I want to incorporate young players to the squad and will try to buy homegrown players if possible, or only interesting deals.  Something I want to try is signing model citizen players to try and mentor some of the current and future youngsters. 

I will be taking over all of the teams training aspects as well as signing a few coaches to strengthen some areas.


I'm willing to start off with the current IRL formations and from there switch it up a bit, 5221 and 4231 will be the main ones, depending on how it goes I will try out the 41221 which I like a lot and maybe suits us better with so many players able to play as CMs.

                                    5-2-2-1                                                        4-2-3-1                                                       4-1-2-2-1






This is the starting squad. Quite a few CBs as we can see. Before preseason starts I will evaluate all the positions relating to my chosen formations. Keep in mind all these ratings are given by pretty low standard coaches we have in the team (IMHO) so they might differ from what they actually are.



Not much, easy first choice for Leno. We may have a youngster coming up the ranks but for now this is what we have. Rúnar or Macey will rarely play TBH, unless Leno gets injured. I will try to shift them on when possible, maybe try to get an experienced player as cover and mentor.




The only clear thing is that Gabriel is going to play. We have 7 centre backs, most of them not at the level required for the future. I will try to loan out whoever I can (cannot sell right now). We have a great prospect in Saliba but for now he will probably be loaned out, at least until January, we'll see how it goes. DCL & DCR:





Tierney and Bellerín are the easy choices, AMN will provide cover as WBR/RB and probably WBL in the 5221 formation too. Still debating on Chambers/Cedric, I'd like to give them a chance but I'm not really sure where, when or how.





MIDFIELD (defensive)

Elneny Chambers will be the chosen ones when we play with a defensive midfielder formation. Depending on Luiz' duties as CB he may also rotate here. I doubt I'll use Partey here, even though he's the best in the position I'd like him to play higher up the pitch, unless I play 2 DMs and use him as a Segundo Volante which suits him greatly.



MIDFIELD (creative)

Both CM positions, with more defensive mind in a 4231 and more creative in the 41221 formation. The lower 5 are the more attacking options in a 41221. RCM & LCM.




Whenever we play a 4231, the AMC position will be covered mainly by Willian and hopefully ESR if he's at the level required. If not, he will go out on loan and Ceballos/Willock will slot in. For realism sake I think I will leave Özil out, at least until January. We'll see how pre-season goes.




With Martinelli out until January. In a 4231, the right wing is for Pepe first and Reiss as rotation (Willian AMC), in the other formations Willian will also be played at AMR. Lots of players for the AML but for now Auba and Saka will take the responsibilities here, ESR is favoured as an AMC and Nketiah as ST. Martinelli out until January.





My first thought is having Laca up top for the time being, seeing as Auba will first be started on the left wing this is the most obvious choice. Nketiah will get alot of sub and Cup/Euro time to develop and hopefully overtake Laca some day. Auba may move up top randomly too. Martinelli out til January.




This the calendar for the first half of the season, up until December. October will be tough with Man City, Leicester and Man Utd in consecutive matches. The year will end with 6 matches in a month, with a North London Derby away from home and Chelsea at home. Hopefully we can finish strong. We're missing Euro and FA/EFL cup fixtures here which have not been announced yet. I will update as things come.




These are the expectations both in terms of results and philosophies expected to be achieved the first year. I think they're totally reasonable, let's see how the Champions league qualification goes though. The league will be tough.



So this is the injury list, quite a few long term injuries, nothing major though, we have depth in these areas.


Now a few hours to revamp the whole staff... I will keep posting monthly reports of how things are going.

This post is a WIP for now. Thanks for your time!!


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In july the staff overhaul took place, first of all was the request to expand the coaches and scouts allowed. 


Pretty much all the staff for the 3 teams was renewed to be (almost) top of the league. You can see the difference from left (previous) to right (new).

 OLDFT.thumb.png.3d28b6dd6337e83c628829b373da62fe.png  NEWFT.thumb.png.a9a749b343a88fd3ebc784c63bd99670.png 

The rest of the month has passed without much action. Adjusting training for some of the youngsters to try and make them develop. Runar has been offered out on loan to allow the registration of Özil and Cedric. I have registered Ozil in hopes of him playing a few games and making his value increase or atleast stay the same. Karl Jacob Hein has been promoted and is being mentored by Leno, he may see some cup time.

Azeez, Patino, Kieran Petrie, Omari Hutchinson, Joel Ideho, James Sweet, Marcelo Flores (amongst others) have all been given custom individual training and have started to learn new PIs to aid in their development and hopefully future first team opportunities. I'm hoping I can bring a atleast a pair of players with good personalities which can help mentoring some of these prospects.

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FA Community Shield defeat

Well that was a bummer, even though they had the most chances we lead for pretty much all the game. I did not think they would end up equalizing at the end and so I subbed Laca Willian and Auba and see for yourself how the penalties went... For our first competitive match, I didn't expect that much better to be honest but it's a shame to lose it like that.


STARTING 11                                                                                               END 11

 AUBA LACA WILLIAN                                                                                                                             OZIL NKETIAH PEPE

   PARTEY CEBALLOS                                                                                                                              PARTEY CEBALLOS

    XHAKA                                                                                                                                                          ELNENY                       

TIERNEY GABRIEL LUIZ BELLERIN                                                                                                             SAKA GABRIEL LUIZ AMN

LENO                                                                                                                                                       LENO


The rest of preseason matches, not that they're relevant but here they are. I mostly simmed the matches, just expecting everyone to get match sharpness. Most of the first team is ready, except those injured and some of the backup players.



Here's our first month of competitive matches (and 2 remaining frendlies):


As of September 1st we still don't know who we will be facing in the EFL cup but we do know we're facing Liverpool again, and away from home, pretty tough match to start the season, hopefully we will be up to speed by then.

See you soon!

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Aubameyang and Nketiah blitz us through september.

Well those were some unexpected results. Cannot ask for more to be honest, at least not at the start of the season, scored 16 goals and only 3 against in 5 competitive matches.

The first match was quite a tough one with not many opportunities, it clearly resembled the actual team IRL, except the opposition didn't score. As you can see the line up was quite resembling the real one except for the addition of Özil. We had a 1.7 xG but could barely score a goal from a corner, but I wasn't worried as it was only the first match, and an away one.

The second game started similarly but we evolved completely throughout the match. Willian scored a great freekick on the top corner and from then on we started to dominate but still couldn't score from open play up until Nelson got subbed in. He created the second out of nowhere receiving a cross from Ceballos and dribbling past the defender, keeper saved it and Willian was there to tap it in. Last goal came from a cross by Bellerín which Nelson tapped in in the center forward area.

The cup game against Burnley was a real test for the youth. The starting eleven had 10 changes compared to the match against West Ham, only Auba repeated. And the youth stood up. Nketiah with a double, first from a corner and then an absolutely wonder goal running from the center circle up to the keeper and chipping it over. Auba dribbled past 3 players in their area to score in the lower right corner where the keeper couldn't even smell it. And the last goal in which the balled pass through ESR, Willock, Cirjan and Balogun to score in a sequence of super fast passing (SO PROUD).


Following the Burnley cup game my assistant manager suggested to start Nketiah in the CF(A) role instead of Lacazette. Seeing as Laca had not played wonderfully I decided to try out Eddie after his performance against Burnley and well, the rest speaks for itself. Liverpool played really well as you can see by the xG, they completely annihilated us in their 2 goals with really fast passing but we managed to keep up in the first half, Nketiah and Auba were absolutely outstanding and ran the game for themselves in the second half. I really didn't expect that final result.


Nketiah played with VVD in the first goal, dropping to receive the ball, playing first touch to Willock, and making the run behind VVD to receive a pass into space and chipping it over Alisson. For the second goal, right after their second, Auba received a long ball switched from the right and placed it to the right of Alisson (similar to what we've seen from him IRL). And the the Auba/Eddie show started playing one-twos in front of the defence to score the 3rd. The 4th came from Eddie dropping deep on the left flank and playing a through ball between their RB and RCB for Auba to nail it in. 

The last goal also came from Eddie dropping deep while Pepe ran with the ball through the right, Pepe passed it to the middle, Ceballos ends up with the ball and then filters it to Pepe who had continued running and was now almost at the penalty spot unmarked thanks to Nketiah.

The last game of the month was against Swansea, who had previously knocked Tottenham in the 3rd round a week before. AMN, Cedric, ESR, Azeez and Nelson started the game. It was a quite game with much domination. Azeez assisted Eddie with a cross from the edge of the area, second goal came from another cross, this time from the byline and sent by Cedric. The last goal was a through ball from AMN from the LB position. Özil was mediocre, Swanseas goal came from a bad pass from him in midfield which started an easy counter.



Other notable things that happened was the agreement to improve both Youth and training facilities which I'm super satisfied about. Also, before the first game the captains were assigned, I have kept Auba and Bellerín as captains, they're probably not the most adequate players for this but I'm not sure we have anyone else that can take this role better for now, it is something I want to address further on.



The long term injuries are getting closer to an end.


This is how October is looking, two tough games, 3 not so tough. Hopefully Leicester at home is not that tough. We'll see!





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Posted (edited)



Eddie with another great performance. 4 goals in 3 games and 7.77 avg rating.




October went fantastically well, those were some unexpected results. Cannot ask for more to be honest, at least not at the start of the season, scored 16 goals and only 3 against in 5 competitive matches.



#ARSSHE Emirates Stadium

Another Eddie Aubameyang show this time the other way around with two assists by Auba and a hattrick for Eddie. The first goal came from build up play through the center and a long shot from Eddie right outside the box, it deflected right onto his feet, he played a one-two with Auba right beside him which allowed Eddie to be alone in front of the keeper and in it went. The second was a ball recovery which falls onto Auba’s feet and he kicks it right up to Eddie in the center circle, a long run and a shot to beat the keeper from half way into the area. The goal to seal the hattrick was from a cross which deflected in Partey and Eddie swoops it past the keeper. Lacazette closed the game with a penalty created by Pepe (dribbling past 2).


#MANARS Etihad Stadium

Certainly the biggest game of the month, against City and the Etihad. Leno out injured while training for 3-4 weeks so Runar had to step up. 

For this game I decided to drop the line deeper than we usually play, I didn’t want to be so exposed, it’s the same I did in the 2-5 against Liverpool at second half and that went amazing. The game didn’t start well, we ended up the first with 0 xG. They had many chances and we were without Leno but we withstood. The goal came from a wonderful through pass from 3/4 of the pitch by Ceballos, it went right past the RCB and Eddie made the run through both CBs and connected with the ball with a low shot. This kid is cracked. Later on we had the same exact play again but with a different ending, Ederson saved it.

They still had a few chances in the second half, this time so did we, luckily we kept them at bay, must say Runar played very solidly, I expect to see more of that, hopefully he proves me wrong and does a good job while Leno is out!



#REIARS Stade Auguste-Delaune

We conceded more goals than we would've like but we where in the lead for most part of the game and we had fielded quite a rotated squad. Laca striked it from outside the area to the bottom left corner with a great goal. Their first goal was from a header almost on the edge of the area which was quite shocking, Macey not up to par. Willian scored a nice FK to the top corner and lastly Xhaka with a powerful shot form the edge of the area with an assist by Pépé.

#ARSLEI Emirates Stadium

22 shots, only 7 on target though, 3.27 xG. 2 - 1 score. Partey scored a screamer from outside the area. Rob Holding gifted them a penalty with a handball from a cross. We then got a penalty back to be on top and still had some chances but didn't finalise any of them.

#ARSMOL Emirates Stadium

A completely rotated squad including Azeez, Karl Jacob Hein, Patino. Chambers, Saliba and Cedric hadn't been playing and played too. Kido Taylor Heart subbed in. It was kind of a risky move but being the first game it didn't bother me much. It played out really well in the end.

First goal came from a penaly executed by Laca. The second goal was really nice though, Patino carried the ball a few meters in the midfield and slotted a through pass for Nketiah's run who finished smoothly. Love it!


In other news:

You can see that I already played a UEL game but here is the group stage draw anyway. Reims, Wolfsburg & Molde, we should have a good run to be honest.



Here you can see some of the stats, I'm VERY pleased to be honest. BEST defensive side in the league and arguably the best attacking side too so no complaints at all.


And more good news here:



League table:








An even tougher month November, two games against the tougher opponent of the UEL group, Man Utd (2nd) and Wolves (8th).



Let November begin...


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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Maw74 said:

Shame about the team but great work so far. :thup:

Why thank you sir for your very subjective comment :p




I don't think I covered the topic of transfers, as the summer transfer window 'closed' in October I will go over the few movements I have done. I say 'close' because I had deactivated the first transfer window, I was still allowed to loan out some players and even sign a free agent... A common signing you can see in this years saves, it is more about 'doing it right this time' than actual performance, the coaches consider him an EFL player, fringe player in his prime years. Let's see if we can make that improve. He's on 30k€/wk so it can't be that bad, let's see if injuries treat him and us well.


Jack Wilshere - IN 16/10/2020








Sokratis and Mustafi are not in the plans and so off they go, probably until January to see if I can recoup something from them. Cottrell and Balogun needed some game time. I also tried loaning out some of the other youngsters but I couldn't manage any satisfactory deals...

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11 hours ago, josel15 said:

Excellent results. I have two doubts!

Which skin are you using, and, how do you access to see this staff stuff?


I'm using an FM SCOUT instant result skin. It should basically be the regular one but with instant result added to have that option in a match. And that screen should appear in your inbox , not sure how frequently, I guess when there's a change in the allowed number of staff.

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1 hour ago, RogerC said:

I'm using an FM SCOUT instant result skin. It should basically be the regular one but with instant result added to have that option in a match. And that screen should appear in your inbox , not sure how frequently, I guess when there's a change in the allowed number of staff.

Thanks man!
That's why I couldn't find it then, there has been no staff changes :D

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Partey bossed the midfield with a 7.2 avg performance across 6 matches.




November saw the first defeat of the season against Man Utd, it was a solid month nonetheless with 11 goals scored and 4 received in 6 matches.






#MANARS Old Trafford

Well that was a bummer.

It was the closest match possible, they ended with 1 xG vs our .6 xG. We had 8 shots, 3 on target and they had 10 shots, 4 on targets but they punished us twice. Rashford with an incredible run from the left side and then from a corner kick. Possession ended up 51% / 49% in our favour. The good run of form had to end somehow but it was a bit harsh to be honest.

#ARSVfL Emirates Stadium

VfL game went really well, another clean sheet and top of the group. Holding scored with a volley from a FK cross by Willian. The second goal was a wonder goal by Nketiah.

Macey clears the ball with his fists coming from a FK close to the right corner, the ball lands onto Eddie’s feet about 1/4 way of the pitch, almost in the edge of our own area. He ran past a 3 man defence and ended up just on the right side of the penalty spot, lobbing it to the left of the keeper. WOW.

The last goal by Kola came from a bad clear from a cross, ran past a defender and scored a low shot to the left.

#ARSAST Emirates Stadium

Next match, Villa is coming to the Emirates. Complete domination, 18 shots, 10 on target and 62% possession. Holding opened up the score sheet with a header from a corner, second goal from a long shot from outside the area by Partey and finally another great goal from Nketiah, Runar throws it long to Auba at AML, he heads it off into space for Nketiah to run behind the defender and put it in the near post to beat the keeper. A shame we conceded but happy with the win.

#LEEARS Elland Road

I expected a hard game away at Leeds. And they delivered, really tough game at Elland Road. After a week and a half without playing it was quite rough, we had most chances with 12 vs 4 shots and a 1.6 xG but it just didn’t want to go in. Eddie wasn’t on point and missed a few chances which he had been scoring lately. In the 61st minute Rodrigo scored a goal but it was luckily ruled for offside, I really thought we were going to get FM’d with only 2 chances by them and 1 goal, lol. In the end it worked out in the 92nd minute with Ceballos taking advantage of a corner cleared ball. Phew. Solid 3 points.

#VfLARS Volkswagen Arena

Second game in a month against Wolfsburg, we fielded quite a rotated team from what we had been doing lately, mainly cause of the run of games and because we had a game coming up against Wolves, currently sitting 8th in the league. We were 1st in Group L with 9 points, 3 clear of the 2nd (VfL). We had 5 shots, 3 on target but of not much threat as the 0.3 xG reflects. The only had one on target with 0.6 xG and buried it in. Their 5 man defence was really tough to break through and with Eddie not playing at his best we couldn't score. We're still 1st in the group although tied to 9 points with Wolfsburg. Reims and Molde left (2 of the next 3 matches), we need to win to end up 1st because I doubt they will drop points.

#ARSWOL Emirates Stadium

Well that went better than expected. The only downside is ESR's injury, although not very serious he had to be subbed off. Özil came in, yes! HIM! His second game of the season, he actually played well with a 7.3 rating, 4 key passes and 1 (ONE!!!) tackle won. Saka on the right played really well and Tierney with MOTM performance. The first goal came from a edge of the area shot by Xhaka after a pass from Partey. Xhaka with a great through ball in between the central defender and the full back for IWB Tierney to run and bury it in the near post. A very deep FK cross from Willian (that's his only contribution to the whole game) connected by Gabriel with a volley to score the 3rd goal in the first half. Laca holds the ball in front of the defense, gives a through ball to Saka on the right who crosses it right back for a (long) 1-2 and scores the 4th and last goal.




The general monthly report actually reflects that we've been as good in the attacking department, I really didn't have that feeling. Our attackers didn't have such a good month and that's why we lost to Utd and VfL, but in the other games the rest of the team contributed with many goals, so we can be happy. We don't have the best defensive stats this month (which is Utd) but I can say we're 2nd best, which is good enough for me, hehe.



EPL & UEL standings






 CÉDRIC  |  HIP INJURY  |  4 - 6 WKS



Kind of a nightmare ahead...


See you soon!

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Tierney particularly impressed with 7.7 avg across 5 appearances. Auba and Eddie started the month strong but couldn't keep up at the end.

Eddie was named young player of the month in the league.


Kind of bittersweet feelings cause of that EFL cup elimination, but went down trying hard, it just wasn't our day. Overall the month was outstanding with 24 goals in our favour and only 3 against in 8 games. That is an average of 3 scored and 0.4 received per game, even better if we only focus in the league.


We comfortably got first place in the UEL group as Wolfsburg drew one of their 2 games (which were expected wins) and we won both. Macey, Patino, Saliba all played in europe, must say Nelson was outstanding in both games, averaging an 8.0 so that rounds up a great performance.

Southampton, Everton and Brighton were dominating games, we didn't have that much possession but we completely dominated the chances in all matches, they really had no chance. Against the first two, Auba scored a brace and Eddie scored 1 goal (in each game). Özil had his 3rd game of the season but it was quite a bad on,  subbed off at half time. Saka gave us the win with a brace against Brighton, always in dangerous areas, him and Nelson completely ran the game as they pleased. Partey had a solid month but the day before the match against Chelsea he got injured, out for 3 weeks.




A win against Tottenham is always fantastic, and if it is away, with a clean sheet and 3 goals in favour... Well the party lasts a while hehehe. We were clinical in the first half. A run by Tierney dribbling past 2 players, puts in a cross which is deflected onto Auba's feet inside the area, pass to Willock outside (left side), Willock one touch to Ceballos right in the penalty arc and a first touch screamer with his left foot, nothing Lloris can do.

A similar run for the second goal, this time done by PA14, he passes it short to Willock who now runs wide while Auba does the run inside, this completely opens up space for Tierney to run into the box free of mark and receive the low pass and bury it low to the right.

The last goal came once again from the left, IWB Tierney shot from outside the area, Lloris clears it out to his left, the ball almost goes out to corner but Saka recovers and quickly crosses, Nketiah with a volley which is blocked by the defender, Willock easily recovers the ball and scores from the penalty spot in a single touch. 



Against Chelsea, Saka and Auba didn't have their best performances, luckily the rest of the team did. ESR played most of the game with a knock, at first I thought I would let him play but not all the game, in the end he had to cause we had other mishaps which forced me to leave him play. Without Partey and after the loss against Leicester in the cup I decided to mix up the starting XI because I wasn't feeling too confident about the match. Tierney was really tired and Ceballos hadn't been playing well lately. Kola, Elneny, Willock and ESR came into the side. It turned out to be a great shuffle!

Even though we had a good xG at half time we couldn't manage to break through with a goal. The revolution started with the substitions, who would've thought Willian would do such a thing :stop:

A run through the middle to get past two players, stops, and waits for Reiss' run to his left, Reiss receives it, dribbles past Zouma and completely smacks it at high up at the near post, Mendy could do NOTHING there.

The second goal came from the right side, Pépé dribbling on the right corner, pass it back to Bellerín who runs up to the line and crosses it low, Mendy through himself but only manages to refuse it to Laca's feet who calmly puts it in.

The last was really a screamer...  92nd minute and we were completely dominating them with 5 of our players in the area, the ball is played back to Elneny who somehow think it's ok to shoot from there and score, well yes. Another top 6 clean sheet.





Biggest news of December, and pretty much of what we've seen this season (31st December)!!!



In other news, Aubameyang won Broadcaster's African Footballer of the Year and was named in African XI of the year alongside Partey.

We had two players in the top 3 in EPL young player of the month awards. Congrats to Eddie and Reiss!  Balogun managed to get League One player of the month with Portsmouth too, he is ready for Championship football, needs a change in January window.


Finally, here is the youth intake preview, I always love getting to march and seeing the players we get, and try to snatch players from other teams hehe.



EPL & UEL standings

It's amazing how with only 1 loss we are still 2nd in the league, yes we have a game in hand, but 42 out of 45 points is crazy, ManU are really on form, lol.







William Saliba got injured during training, 2 months out, a shame, could've played much more this congested month. Partey, as I said before, got injured just before the Chelsea game which was quite a bummer. Who would've thought Wilshere would feature in this list? lol. Injured in an U23 match against Liverpool, at least we won.





January transfer window... Let the purge begin :lol:


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And so the purge happened. Maybe some of you will not understand some of the signings but I think I can explain them lol. The starting Arsenal team has some poor personalities across the squad lacking professionalism so my aim is to try to fix this, through good signings and also signings which will be aimed at mentoring the squad, even though they may not even play. The best player personalities are Elneny, Willian and Leno which are Fairly Professional... Most of the team is balanced which is not good.

The first player to come in was Omar Rekik following what happened in real life. For now, this is the only signing Arsenal have done so it is the one I did. If they sign anyone else (hopefully) I may sign them at the end of the season and start from there. In October 16th Wilshere came back to bolster the midfield, he still hasn't played (31st JAN) a game since joining either because he was not match fit or injured. Seeing how well that went I decided to snap up Ramsey again, he was transfer listed for 16.75M. I wanted someone who can play in the midfield with an attacking mindset, either in MC or AMC and make an impact right now, while ESR is developing and eventually takes the place.





To me it was an easy choice, I'm an Arsenal fan. Aaron has a resolute personality which is really positive for the plans, he is experienced and came directly as a team leader in the hierarchy and will be playing a lot although he accepted a squad player playing time. For me all that is really positive. My staff rate him as a good player and is second best MC behind Partey and obviously best AMC. 120K€ per week on a 2 year deal. The rest of the signings are as follows:

In order of appearance, John Ruddy, Phil Jagielka, Matt Smith, Maxime Le Marchand, Omar Rekik and Aaron Ramsey


RUDDY.png.d5d08aca702ae5d8ee1cdd279c5b2b04.pngJAGI.png.e0704b2a5e8d2e7f3908786d5ca4a873.pngSMITH.png.3aaf100bbcd5394b888b1e7d616d0526.png                     LEMARCH.png.6753eb724dd1eea24317d800a1380c5d.png                    REKIK.png.b3c23e839de7674d10a67c607b5893e9.pngRAMSEY.png.3e04c1f695dffba817bba01b628dc94b.png


JOHN RUDDY - 34 Y/O English GK - ATTRIBUTES - 950K €

Former Norwich and Wolves GK (in the championship), he is pretty similar to Runar but quite older. Homegrown, experienced and a MODEL CITIZEN, perfect role model for many of the youngsters in the team. I have signed him to mentor players and maybe play a cup game or UEL game if we have a safe margin from the first leg. I don't expect him to be here for long but hopefully long enough to mentor quite a few players, soon Karl Jacob Hein will take his place as a second choice GK or some other signing. I probably overspent on him but it's not bank breaking to be honest, he is on 32K/wk wage, still less than what Runarsson had.


Amazed at the signings huh? More of the same to be honest, he will be 7th or 12th choice CB but he has experience and has a MODEL CITIZEN personality and is already mentoring Saliba and Saka. 17K €/wk on a 2 year deal.


MATT SMITH - 31 Y/O English Target Man - ATTRIBUTES - 36K €

Former Millwall, QPR and Fulham player amongst other teams. He goes directly into the U23s and won't come out, this transfer was more of a test, he has a Professional personality and will also help mentoring players although I'm not sure if it'll work out because he doesn't seem to have much influence. He is on a 1 year deal at 14K€ per week so I don't really care. His stats are really not THAT bad but my staff rates him as a League one player.



I think I'm boring you now. He has a resolute personality which will help mentoring more players (we have a lot of work to do) hehe. He may get a random game here and there but AMN will be the second choice left back. He is on 27K€ per week, Fulham transfer listed him because he's contract is up in summer, I opted for a loan and they accepted, I guess I could snap him up in summer if I'm interested in him mentoring more, we will see how it goes.


OMAR REKIK - 19 Y/O English GK - ATTRIBUTES - 600K €

Promising young CB, as I said, signed in real life, so signed in the game.


All in all, spent 18.5M € this transfer window. The board are probably not happy with the average age of the new signings (30,5 Y/O with Rekik, 33 without).:kriss:




I will either post the outgoings here or make another post, I will decide later!


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Really enjoying this save! Have a soft spot for Arsenal (Dad supports them), so always intrigued when people start saves with them. Be interesting to see if your more experienced signings of the window have any influence on the squad! KUTGW and looking forward to more updates!

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