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Newgens' hidden attributes suddenly decrease

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So this is an issue that I first started noticing in FM20, and which still exists in FM21. I played for a year in FM21 now, and just got a great newgen in my youth intake with "Perfectionist" personality. Only a few months later I looked at his profile again, and suddenly his personality had changed to "Fairly determined". So this player all of a sudden went from having great hidden attributes to absolute crap attributes. There was no mention of it in the inbox, no mention of "squad personality had a negative impact", just randomly reduced attributes.

In FM20 I used an editor to check the newgens' hidden attributes, and made a game where I only signed players with great determination and hidden attributes to see if I could make a ridiculous super-team. And every once in a while one of these perfect players, with "Model citizen" or "Model professional" personalities, would suddenly turn into "Determined" personalities from one day to the next. In numbers, I saw a player drop 10+ points in professionalism and ambition in a week, just because the game suddenly felt like ruining my game.

Why on earth is this something SI decided to put in their games? This only makes me want to stop playing. What is the argument behind randomly changing a person's personality from that of Christiano Ronaldo to that of Ravel Morrison in a week? It's just so insanely unrealistic, and it completely ruins any joy I get from the game. This will definitely be the last version of Football Manager I buy if this continues, since it just makes long-term saves so frustrating, where your golden boy will suddenly be useless without any explanation.

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On 19/12/2020 at 07:30, jammydodgerjj said:

You need to link your post or make it again so they can see my friend especially if you have a game save showing this ! 

I made a post but was ignored :( ...


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