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Champions league/Europa League Registration?


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So I'm not sure which category to put this in at it doesn't technical fit one so I thought other, if I'm wrong please move it to the correct one. 

I'm on Season 3 of my Save, in the previous season i was in Europa League and all players u23 trained at club was eligible but now in Champions League the rules in ''both'' competitions only show ''Only registered players are eligible'' nothing about players u23 trained at club.

Now I'm days away from the first match in Group stage where we entered at and some of the players U23 trained at the club that were NOT registered are available but only those rained at the club between 0-21. not those trained at the club between 15-21 which is what the players train to having ''been at the club for 3 years'' meaning the majority of my u23s and U18s are unavailable. I'm pretty sure that IRL the case is that any home grown at club are eligible no matter what length of time they've been at club and to that matter players trained in the country so long as they are U23. do not have to be registered.516784b46a9f42b6bdb976eb1ab5512e.pngf8afbced5d3cd0455fa970be4075f599.png

Having looked at all my opposition none of them have been affected in the same way, take Barcelona their ENTIRE senior team, B Team and U19s are available minus 1 player not trained at club or nation, this includes all players Trained at Club 15-21 and 0-21 why are AI teams treated differently to Human controlled teams. they only have 3 players unavailable 1 out on loan aged 23 and 1 aged 31 not registered otherwise every other player is eligible including apparently those out on loan


Leverkusen players are ineligible due to being under age requirements

Whilst AC Milan have their entire squad available except those already involved in another game.

to me it seems like lower ''reputation'' teams are being treated unfairly by the game even if they are seeded higher.

further to that apparently players trained 0-21 do NOT class at trained at club for registration as they have NOT been at club for 3 years so a few of my players from latest intake are not yet classed as homegrown, when I tried adding one the home grown players did NOT increase

Please let me know if a save game is required and post the link for it again please and I will happily upload the save file I have just created

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