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Division 1 vs. Division 2


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I'm going to use 2 different countries to explain my question...

Option 1 

English Premier League

Sky Bet Championship

You can have Teams from Championship team purchase players from the top league no?

Option 2

If you have CPL and then a 2nd Division Team (Canadian verison of Sky Bet Championship team) and a 2nd division team offered the player in the top league who was say making 750 per week more money would he not go down to the next league down for more money?

My question is if that is possible or realistic or not... The reason why i ask is because i tried to sign a player from CPL to come down to CSL but every player i approached they said they didn't want too.. The CPL is 90 rep CSL is 75 rep the CSL clubs rep is 4100 where as the CPL reps are anywhere from 3500-4000. I even tried to say sign players from say TFC II to come to CSL and they said no... Just wondering if i am missing something in the editor or is that even realistic?

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