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Match glitch/exploit found - occurs after opening player profiles and returning to the match

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Found a bizarre glitch/fault which can be triggered during matches on Xbox edition.

Playing on an Xbox One and noticed that, if during the match you open up the profile of an individual player, once you return to the match it will seemingly corrupt their stats/general functionality in the bottom toolbar with your fielded XI.

To use the screenshots I've attached as an example, during the match I opened up the profile of my number 9 McShane to check his attributes/positional ability and, upon hitting RT to return to the match, I noticed that not only was his position removed but his condition had suddenly shot back up to 100% and seemingly locked there (He'd played the whole game and this screenshot was at around 80+ minutes). It also seemed to lock his current match rating and mood.

Further to this, as per the second screenshot, it pretty much screws up the individual instructions sub menu and renders it unresponsive.

For what it's worth, this wasn't a one off. The next game I tried to replicate it by briefly leaving the match to open random profiles of players on the pitch and, low and behold, the exact same thing happened - the player who's profile I'd viewed suddenly had their condition shoot back up and lock at 100% along with the rest of the aforementioned glitches. Every, single time.

Interestingly enough, if you open up the profile of an opposition player who's currently on the pitch, after hitting RT to return to the match, their condition will max out and lock too.

Try it. Happens every time without fail.

Happy to grab more info if you need. 

Edit - Playing as Dorking. Got full English leagues loaded along with all of Germany, Italy, France and Holland




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Done some more testing last night and it does seem to only be the players condition which resets and locks at 100%. The ratings and mood can still fluctuate.

Has anyone else had this issue? It literally happens to me every time after opening a player's profile - their position will be removed from the line up toolbar and their condition will reset to 100% and seemingly remain there for the rest of the game. It always corresponds with the player whose profile you open and does the same thing if you open the profile of an opposition player mid match.

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