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Before I highlight the flaws, I want it on record that I LOVE this incarnation. 
there are a few bugs within it though :( main one being no hyperlinks work (unless it’s different this year?) so when scouting a player or reading a match report etc etc the hyperlink which would usually take you to the subject matter does not work. I’ve tried holding my finger on it, and a pop up says “tap to view” but you can’t. There are a few other minor issues, which are frustrating, I.e, when tapping instant result, you have to tap it twice, sometimes 3x to work.

on a separate note, would it possible for the developers to code next years version, so that, when choosing to take a backseat and missing out on the beautiful game, (I’m a redknapp type manager- spend the bulk of my game time looking for a good deal!)  and going down the instant result route, team selection is retained? I want the best of both worlds ! 😀 instant result is phenomenal- but then the bloody assistant overrules my team selection! 

thank you 🤗




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Hi @To madeira77,

Thanks for getting in touch - this is an issue we are aware of and are making best efforts to fix as quickly as possible. It is also something which has been highlighted several times already - when using the forums we advise keeping each issue to one specific thread so we can keep track of every issue easily. Below is the original thread where i invite you to add any comments you may wish.



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