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Cant select a player on news feed

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If reading a news article, it mentions a player of your. The hyperlink doesn’t work, and so each time you have to go into your squad to find them. FM20 if I had an offer for someone, just clicking there name took me to them.

why so many bugs. Surely you must have tested. Final Q, do we need to download an update once released to fix these bugs hopefully you put right, or is it automatically downloaded. Thanks. 

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Hi @Tombailey85,

This is an issue that has been highlighted and we are currently looking into this. Please try and look for the correct thread to post in before making a new thread as often the issue will have already been highlighted and this helps us keep track of each issues and whether they still need fixes. Below is the link to the original thread about this is issue if you want to contribute further to the discussion.


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